How to Write SEO Friendly on a Travel Website?

how to write SEO friendly on a travel website

Writing SEO friendly articles is the key aspect to rank your article on the first page of Google search result. Although the term ‘SEO’ may sound technical, writing SEO friendly is just about following some simple rules. In this post, we will simply answer the question of ‘How to Write SEO Friendly on a Travel Website?’.

1. Choose A Keyword/Phrase

Choose the word or phrase that best represents the content of your post and use it frequently as long as it is suitable through your text. Try to use your keyword/keyphrase in your title, first paragraph, and subheadings.

2. Write Scannable Content

How to Write SEO Friendly on a travel website

When a reader skims through your content, he/she should understand what you are writing about. Use subheadings, bold and italicized words, and numbers. Keep your paragraphs brief. Paragraphs shouldn’t be longer than 4-5 lines.

3. Write Readable Content

Write in a way that people whose native language isn’t English can understand your content.

Here are 5 things that you should AVOID:

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1- Long sentences: Try to keep your sentences short and to the point.

2- Passive voice: Don’t use passive voice excessively, use it only when it is necessary.

3- Inverted sentences: Inverted sentences add color to the flow, but don’t use them in every paragraph or in successive sentences.

4- Complex words: Say “fascinating” instead of “enthralling”. Try not to use difficult terms or uncommon words that are usually found in literary works, etc. If you have to use a term, explain it briefly.

5- Overuse of pronouns: Don’t use pronouns all throughout the paragraph once you mentioned the proper name they refer to. Use the proper name again after using the pronoun two times at most.

4. Adding Photographs

Adding photos to your writings is the most crucial way to enrich your writing. Due to copyright issues, you shouldn’t add any picture you find on the web.

There are 3 simple ways to add photos to your writing properly:

1- Your own taken pictures:
You can add pictures that you took yourself in your travels. Please be sure that you add high quality and well-taken pictures.
Unsplash is the best way to get free high-quality images to use your in blog writings.

2- Using Unsplash: You can use photos from a world-known free source according to your topic.

3- Pexels: can be shown as the best substitute website to Unsplash when you couldn’t find what you look for in Unsplash. Be careful that some of the photos sponsored by iStock in Pexels are subject to copyright.

4- Instagram: You can embed an Instagram link into your post. If you write for our website, you can leave the link of a post from Instagram, and then we would be embedding that photo in your post in our system.

5. Adding Links

Adding links to your writings from other trustable sources or from our website – Travelinsightpedia – is also a good way to enrich your writing. You can simply select the related words in your writing and embed the link on them. Or if you write for us, you can just simply add the link in parenthesis next to the related words and we will embed it for you in our system.

6. Avoid Plagiarism

DO NOT copy information from other websites, even if it is only one sentence. Always paraphrase if you are using content from other websites.  Don’t forget that plagiarism is not only unfair, it is ILLEGAL.

Also, DO NOT copy and use your guest post written for Travelinsightpedia in your own blog without prior notice. This action will result in a harmful SEO score for both websites. If you strictly want to use it for your own blog as well, let us know in advance and we can talk about the appropriate arrangements to make it possible.

So, we tried the answer the question of ‘How to Write SEO Friendly on a Travel Website?’. If you have further questions, you can ask throughout the comments or just simply contact us.

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