Jake Rich: Traveling Filmmaker and Adventure Photographer

Jake Rich

Jake Rich is an Australian/British traveling filmmaker and adventure photographer. Jake Rich shares mesmerizing photos of his trips on Instagram as he goes along, and he creates super helpful content for videographers/photographers on Youtube as well. He and Anna Chah are also the founders of the brand Not Just Colour. Let’s take a look at his answers and discover more about his life on the road as a filmmaker!


NameJake Rich
JobYouTuber / Filmmaker
Hobbies / InterestsPhotography / Film / Adventure
Number of Countries Visited? 39
Social Media AccountsYouTube/jakerich
Jack Rich
Sahara Desert, Morocco
Where does your passion for traveling come from?

My passion for travel comes from my innate curiosity to experience the world and capture those experiences through my lens. I want to inspire others to act on their thoughts, through film and photos is the best way I know-how.

Can you tell us about one of the most memorable moments in your travels?

My travels have opened so many doors. Lately, they enable me to showcase my skills as a filmmaker but in the early stages, they helped me formulate my own idea of who I am. I think the true beauty of travel is its ability to help us better understand ourselves. Some of my earlier trips to South East Asia and Europe gave me that education that no institute could. I learned to listen to what’s inside and navigate my early 20’s with that in mind, pushing me to follow my passions for film and photo over the pressure society was placing on career performance or outward versions of success.

Jake Rich
Why did you start using GoPro and how did it improve your photography/videography?

I started using GoPro after winning a Hero 3+ Silver in an arcade game on a cruise ship. At the time, I was creating YouTube vlogs and wanted a camera that I could film underwater. I was on a cruise ship sailing through the South Pacific with my close friend Ryan. We spent a few days at sea playing this arcade game in the casino of the ship attempting to win the camera and eventually after multiple attempts, we did. I’ve been using GoPro ever since and it’s enabled me the ability to create point-of-view style travel content that has explored with me everywhere. They say the best camera is the one that is on you & for me, GoPro has been that camera.

You also started a business (with Anna Chah). Can you tell us a bit about Not Just Colour?

Sure can. Not Just Colour is a platform to help empower content creators to harness the hidden potential of their audiovisual work. We run monthly online workshops via Zoom to help content creators with their editing. We have a range of photography presets for travel & lifestyle photography. We’re working on a series of new digital products to help content creators better understand the content creation business model & looking to launch these later in the year. For more info, you can visit the website!

What do you care about most when you take photos? What makes a photo a good one?

Motion & composition are areas that most attracts me to photography. I like photos that move both the subject & the viewer. I capture a lot of action with wide-angled cameras but I also like slowing down the shutter and showcasing still life that also moves. A good photo is one that you’ll continue to look at and question each time you see it.

What advice would you give to people who want to get into content creating on social media as well?

My advice for anyone looking to get into content creation is to just start. Start making videos or taking photos or writing blog posts about whatever topic is currently on your mind. If you’re passionate enough, over time, you’ll continue to follow that feeling down the rabbit hole. The beauty of this industry & this profession isn’t about where you’re at right now, it’s about the story of how you got there. Make it the most interesting story ever & people will listen. Keep going, keep following that inner curiosity. There should be no limit to that feeling.

How long have you been traveling?

As a travel filmmaker for the better half of the last decade, for the last 5 years, I’ve had consistent film/photo projects.

3 places/cities you’ve loved the most:
  • Milos in Greece,
  • Seoul in South Korea,
  • Mornac-Sur-Seudre in the South of France
Valentine’s Day is approaching. So where is the destination that you would suggest for couples?

In a dream state my answer would be to eat seafood at Ristorante Belforte in Vernazza, Cinque Terre however I don’t think the weather would be warm enough on Valentine’s Day (February in Italy maybe a little cold) so somewhere warm by the sea. 🙂

3 places you want to visit in the future:
  • Berlin in Germany,
  • Havana in Cuba,
  • Cape Town in South Africa
Your favorite cameras:

GoPro Hero 9 & Sony a73 + DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Your favorite mountain place and your favorite sea:
  • Mountain: Dolomites Italy
  • Sea: North East Coast of Australia (Great Barrier Reef)
Where’s next?

Skiing in Europe depends on which ski stations are open but Austria is looking pretty good.

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