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Karadeniz Technical University: Erasmus in Trabzon

Karadeniz Technical University

Karadeniz Technical University (Turkish: Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi or KTÜ; Karadeniz=Black Sea), is a public research university in Trabzon, in the Black Sea Region of Turkey. Established in 1955, it is the fourth oldest university in Turkey. Karadeniz Technical University is a state university that is supported mainly by state funds allocated by the Turkish Parliament.

The university has 80 departments, 12 faculties, and 6 graduate schools. With 2176 teaching staff and 31478 students, Karadeniz Technical University is one of the largest universities in Turkey.

Founded on 20 May 1955, Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) is the fourth oldest university in Turkey, and the first university established outside İstanbul and Ankara. After a period of eight years, on 19 September 1963, the faculties of Natural Sciences, Civil Engineering-Architecture, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering and Forestry, which are the foundation stone of today’s Karadeniz Technical University, were established. Four months later, on 2 December 1963, the University began its educational activities. The campus site has been gradually expanding since then and, with many social, cultural, and sports requirements met on site, it has turned into an outstanding site set in a green belt of woodlands and playing grounds, which makes it one of the best campus settings in the world.

Expansion of the university continued with the opening of faculties of Earth Sciences, and medicine in 1973. Twelve km away from the main campus, a new campus has been established where educational faculty with many departments in a variety of teaching fields have been set up. Karadeniz Technical University is still expanding with the introduction of new departments. Faculties of communication and dentistry are the most recent academic units established.

Who We Are?

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a Europe-wide student organization.

The organization supports and develops student exchanges, both inside the Erasmus+ program and outside of it. The local ESN sections (ESN Trabzon) offer help, guidance, and information to both exchange students and students doing a full degree abroad – by informing them, but also providing them with different trips or events. National and international levels support the local level by providing necessary tools, as well as communicating with National Erasmus+ Organizations or the European Commission in general.

The goal of the organization to support and develop student exchange on a local, national and international level. It is composed of around 15.000 members in over 530 local sections in 42 countries in Higher Education Institutions, including universities, polytechnics, and university colleges.

1. Ideal Erasmus Term and General Weather Conditions of the City

Trabzon is the second-largest city in the Blacksea region also a metropolitan municipality, with three universities of which students make up the population of its society %10,7. Moreover, there is an ESN section in Karadeniz Technical University which aims to help both Erasmus and international students.

Karadeniz Technical University
The campus in Winter

Summers in Trabzon are hot, humid, and bright, while winters are harsh, chilly, and partially foggy. The temperature generally ranges from 5°C to 27°C  throughout the year, with temperatures rarely falling below 1°C or above 29°C.

2. The Location of the University

Our main campus (Kanuni) is 15 minutes bus ride and 30 minutes walking distance from the city center. The Main Campus is one of the greenest campuses in Turkey.

There are a couple of ways to get to the city center, but students mostly use Metropolitan City’s bus and public transportation vans, considering pocket-friendly prices.

Karadeniz Technical University
You can see the university on the right-bottom corner as a group of buildings in grey

There are two neighborhoods around the main campus; ‘’Kalkınma’’ and ‘’Konaklar’’. These two neighborhood’s population %90 students. There are too many markets, cafes, restaurants, etc. around Campus as well as a shopping center, and it’s almost 1 min to walk Campus Gate A.

For a quick snack or a full dinner with friends, Main Campus has a variety of restaurants in accessible locations. There are places located around campuses where you can get sandwiches, salads, soup, coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Also, you can get food and gross delivery services through the apps such as Getir, Banabi, and Yemeksepeti. Furthermore, Forum Trabzon is located in Kalkınma Neighborhood and you can find anything you want.

Night Clubs are generally in different locations, by bus or taxi to these Clubs 10 min far away from Campus. Also Pubs and Bars options around university also city center has more options.

3. Where To Accommodate?

Exchange students can use KTU’s official dorms for really good price/performance conditions but if students desire to find housing other than dormitories, they can rent furnished or unfurnished houses. Average rent prices are between 700 – 1,200 Turkish Liras,  there are many options around Kalkınma and Konaklar District.

Another option is the ‘Aparts’, these are houses with private rooms with shared areas. These aparts’ prices are different than houses or dorms considering they are comfier and the bills included in the rent.

University’s official dorms:

For universities, official dorm prices please mail to International Office of KTU:

4. In City Transportation

This option is the cheapest one, but it is less convenient if you are in a hurry. It should take about 10 minutes to arrive at the city center, depending on traffic. Students get a 50% discount on Municipality buses with the Trabzon Card. (1.25 Turkish Liras)

There are also minibusses that can be found anywhere and anytime and don’t require a card to get on, you can pay with cash which students don’t get a discount (2.50 Turkish Liras).

Besides these, you can always use a taxi. Taxi’s prices change according to distance. The initial price is 3.00 Turkish Liras, and the price per km 3.00 too.

Karadeniz Technical University transport

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Bus Station is approximately 7 mins to walk from campus. Students can travel any region they like but not only in Turkey but also in Georgia, which is almost 5 hours to Trabzon. The price ranges from 40 to 180 Turkish Liras a person, depending on the seat chosen (2+2 or 2+1).

5. Cost of Living/Suggested Budget

The minimum living cost is 1100 Turkish Liras (1 euro is 10 Lira on average) for minimum conditions per month. The cost of living in Trabzon and at KTU depends on your lifestyle and shopping preferences, but it is highly cheaper than İstanbul and other big cities. Accommodation costs depend on where students choose to stay (350-1200 Turkish Liras).

Lunch at Main Hall of University costs only 3,75 Turkish Liras. Besides that, every department and faculty in KTU has their Canteens where you can get the cheapest food (7-15 Turkish Liras.)

Shopping Mall includes all kinds of shops and services, restaurants, coffee shops and of course a supermarket. But to buy an affordable variety of food products it is recommended to shop from; BİM, A101, and Şok. A monthly shop would cost (300-400 Turkish Liras).

6. Quick Facts About Trabzon

The students only make up %10,7 of the population however in the districts such as Kalkınma and Konaklar, it is unlikely to encounter local people in those places.

Trabzon is one of the beautiful touristic points in Turkey with so many interesting things to do. In the city center, there are lots of historic buildings, for example, Sumela Monastery is one of the historical places in Trabzon that also has religious significance and it is only one hour away from the city center. Rize, Artvin, Giresun and Ordu are eaisest places to go from Trabzon. Furthermore, it only takes 5 hours to get to Georgia, Batumi from Trabzon.

Sumela Monastery
Sumela Monastery

Trabzon has a different culinary tradition. It may seem strange to outsiders at first, but the delicacies are truly unique and deserving of your attention. Try one of the most popular breakfast foods, “muhlama,” which is made of melted Trabzon cheese, cornstarch, and butter. You can have Akçaabat Meatballs everywhere in town for supper. Cemil Usta is one of the most popular spots in town. Trabzon, on the other hand, is known for its seafood. You can see anchovy meals wherever in town at any time.


7. Quick Facts About the Karadeniz Technical University

ESN Trabzon regularly organizes events, activities, etc. Also, other student societies organize events as well. Activities generally announce to exchange students.

Periodical festivals have posters and ticket points, you can get your ticket easily from the salesperson

In KTÜ there is a lot of student clubs, societies, and sports teams. Students can apply and participate. Football, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, Bicycling, Hiking, Trekking, Climbing, Water Sports, Fitness, etc., and more of them.

As a Technical university KTU has a lot of tech societies. These clubs generally from Mechanical, Electrics-Electronics, Computer Engineering Departments.

Especially the Department of Architecture has lots of Art Societies.

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