I was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, and the outdoors was always a big part of my life. Living on Salt Spring Island for twenty years, I discovered how much I was drawn to nature and photography. Bears and ice are two of my favourite subjects.

I started photographing the bears of the Inside Passage along the coast of BC in 2009. My passion for bears grew to be quite addictive, and the times I spend with them are the happiest in my life. I traveled solo, and generally have amazing adventures, sharing rare moments in nature with like-minded new friends.

Ice is one of the most captivating and beautiful things on Earth; I not only see it but feel it in my entire being. It is not unusual for me to be on the ice for hours, absorbed in its patterns, losing all track of time, completely unaware of how cold the weather actually is. This passion along with bears brought me to Svalbard to enrich my life further.