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Most Famous Love Lock Bridges Around the World

Love Locks

We like to immortalize our love with different ways of expression. Sometimes it may be through a little gift for our loved ones, sometimes it may be by leaving some trace behind us to seal our love. Locking your love on one of the love lock bridges around the world has become quite popular for couples in the last decades. The tradition consists of throwing away the key to the sea or the river so the lock will never be broken. Although this may not be the best thing to do on a bridge, it offers great memories for couples. Now let’s take a look at the most famous love lock bridges around the world!

Pont des Arts Bridge, Paris, France

Love Lock Bridges Around the World

Probably the most famous love lock bridge is in the center of the city of love, Paris. The bridge that crosses River Seine has been an iconic place to show your devotion to your partner for a long time. However, putting locks on it is forbidden since 2015 due to the weight it puts on the bridge.

Hohernzollern Bridge, Cologne, Germany

Love Lock Bridges Around the World

The bridge that crosses River Rhine is located in Cologne, Germany. It is the oldest bridge in Cologne. It has become one of the Bridges of Love because of the thousands of couples putting love locks on it.

Mt. Huangshan, Anhui, China

Love story in China

Huangshan has a magnificent place in Chinese art and literature. It is also known as ”the loveliest mountain of China”. Lovers put their love locks on the mountain and throw the keys into the valley. This tradition started because of the real-life story of a couple that jumped into the valley together.

Most Ljubavi, Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia

Love Lock Bridges Around the World

Most Ljubavi is a pedestrian bridge that crosses River Vrnjacka. The love lock tradition has originated from here according to many sources. Couples put their love locks on this Bridge of Love to symbolize their infinite love for each other.

Luzhkoz Bridge, Moscow, Russia

Love Lock Bridges Around the World

The bridge also known as ”The Bridge of Kisses,” contains a series of metal trees for couples to put their love locks on. At first, there was only one tree but they had to keep adding trees because the locks were too much. And now, the Luzhkoz Bridge looks quite stunning and unique because of the trees of love.

N Seoul Tower, Central Seoul, South Korea

Korean padlocks

Another location of love trees is in the capital of South Korea. Couples put the locks on one of the trees and put the keys into a post box in the tower to keep them from unlocking their eternal love for each other.

Butchers Bridge, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Love Lock Bridges Around the World

Spanning the river Ljubljanica, Butchers Bridge has been one of the most famous places for lovers to come and hang their locks as a symbol of their love. The tradition remains the same here, lovers throw the keys into the river to stay together forever.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, the US

Love Lock Bridges Around the World

One of the most mesmerizing bridges and the last one on our list of love lock bridges is Brooklyn Bridge. Walking across this bridge takes nearly about 30 minutes and it gives couples both an opportunity to hang their locks and the beautiful scenery of the city.

Have you ever been in to any of these love lock bridges around the world? Which one is your favourite one? Let us know in the comments!

A couple that travels together stays together!
Cheers to love and travel, and happy Valentine’s Day to you all! 

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