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Pau Travel Guide: Discover with a Local

Pau travel Guide

Welcome to Pau, a middle French city located nearby the Pyrenes. In the deep South West of France, between Bayonne (French Basque Country) and Toulouse, this town has a lot to offer! From the mountains to the vineyard and also the traditional food, there is always plenty of stuff during a short stay! Let’s start with my Pau travel guide!

Who am I?

Hello to everyone! My name is Laura. I am 29 and I live in the suburb of Pau. Only five minutes from the city center!

I was born and raised in a small village on the south side of the city. Surrounded by fields, forest and also some vines. Including a panoramic view of the French Pyrenees who is also my favorite view on Earth!

My parents always loved to travel and they give me, to my two brothers, my sister and me, the taste of traveling. Travel is my passion and I started to travel when I am almost a baby. My naive dream is to visit every country on this planet but at my rhythm. To me traveling, is not a race.

I will say, I am a photographer traveler but with my iPhone. I am much more an amateur photographer. When I like a place or some people, I try to show the beautiful side. It sounds a bit superficial but even with bad weather conditions, there are always beautiful things to see and do! (Instagram account: @thelaurabrc64)

1. Duration of the Ideal Stay and Visiting Season

Pau travel Guide
Château de Pau

It’s a middle city, so I won’t deny the fact that in one afternoon and a half, you have a good idea of the town. In general, people stay for a short stay. But, in fact, there is a lot of to-dos around! if you rent a car, you can hike or ski in the mountains depending on the season! Or, you can go swimming in the Atlantic Ocean who is nearby (45 mins from Bayonne, French Basque Country).

According to my opinion, the best season is from September to the middle of February. Summertime could be so so, but you can always go and see the ocean!

2. How to Get to Pau from the Airport?

To go to the Airport takes around 15 mins by car but you can have to options if you don’t rent a car.

Option A: book a taxi ( the average price is 30 Euros but especially BOOK one)

Option B: the Idelis shuttle ( from 7:40 Am to 7:45 Pm)

3. Where to Accommodate in Pau?

So here are a few addresses I like:

To me, these accommodations are the best in town, but for sure, if you have a budget, there are some options easily!

4. In City Transportation

Pau travel Guide
MarioGuti / Getty Images

If you stay in the city center, it is better to do everything on foot! The city center is small and you don’t really need to rent a car. But, if you aren’t in the center, it is better to rent a car and move where you want!

There is also a public transport service, called Idelis. You can buy a card or a ticket;

  • the price of the card: 2 Euros
  • the price of the ticket: 0,20 Euros

5. Suggested Budget

As a leisure activity, you can go to La Cave de Jurançon, it is a winery, the tour is free, and also the testing. Located in the village of Gan, 15 minutes by car or there is a bus stop at the main store.

 If you have a budget, wish to go for two weeks, for two persons :

  • The accommodation (per day, for 2): 44 Euros
  • Meals (per day, per person) : 12 Euros
  • Public Transport/Taxi  (per day, per person) : 6 Euros
  • Activities : those are free
  • Total : 1109 Euros

6. Things to See and Do in Pau

Pau travel Guide

So, here is the most important part of our Pau travel guide! The city center is small but you have plenty of things to do! As I told you, you can walk mainly!

6.1 Nightlife in Pau

6.2 Shopping/Souvenirs

In the South West of France, we are mainly famous for the food! So, it is impossible not to bring back some food with you. We are well known for the Foie Gras and the wine also!

If you need a bit of sweetness, you are lucky, here you won’t be disappointed!

Here you are some shops where you can buy some of our specialties:

*** For souvenirs, a really good shop, it is modern and young:

Les Chauvins

6.3 Tours in Pau

The Petit Train de Pau is the equivalent of the Hop and Off tours, you can see all sightseeing in town. It is 7 Euros for an Adult and 4 Euros for the children (from 3 to 11 years old).

As I told you before, Pau is a small city, so you can do everything on foot very easily. Of course, there are some tours that can be private. Here are a few links:

6.4 Special Events

Pau Grand Prix
Pau Grand Prix
  1. So we have plenty of events, depending on your taste! If you like race cars, We have the Pau Grand Prix, modern and historic! Also, you can see some Formula 3 races direct in the city! There are only two cities in France where you have a GP into the city: Monaco and Pau (Formula 1/Formula 3).
  2. We have also some events about the canoe at the Stade Nautique Pau! also is a great place to enjoy some rafting with friends or family! I totally recommend it!
  3. Also, if you like the horse, we have a huge competition, the 5* of Pau. I’m not a horse competition expert, but it totally worth it! It is really a place to be if you like horses!
  4. And, if you like Tennis, we have the Terega Open Tennis, in November, it is creat by a French local and international tennis man, Jérémy Chardy.
  5. If you like playing golf,  we have the oldest golf club in the European continent, in the suburb of Pau, in Billère!

7. What to Eat/Drink at where?

Here is the most delicious part of my Pau travel guide!

7.1 Restaurants

You have a lot of options for eating something traditional and also modern. Here are some addresses, that are my favorites. Also, I hope I will try the others as soon as possible!

To eat well, it is necessary to have a budget of 30 Euros per person.

7.2 Bars

You have the “Boulevard of the Pyrenees” who is well known by the locals. For all the events come here, for the 14th of July, you have the firework for example. Also you some bars and restaurants.

My favorite bar is near the Château de Pau, called “Snug”, a cozy place and the cocktails are excellent, also the tapas!

My other places, where I am going quite often:

8. Warnings, Tips and Tricks

You can find people who speak English nowadays here but I recommend speaking a few French before. Local enjoy when people make a little effort instead of speaking your native language!

Then, like in every French city, be careful with your wallet and your stuff. If you are a woman, always be with someone you know with you if you go back to your accommodation, especially by night. You never know who you cross. But it is like everywhere!

I hope you liked my Pau travel guide! Don’t forget to leave your comments below!

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