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Önder Sayan: Interview about Nature And Camping

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Önder Sayan is a Turkish camper who seeing himself belongs to nature! He loves being in nature and go camping in every chance to do trekking, cook, and craft. After being in nature and camping for a long time, he became to have wide knowledge about crafting and wildlife. Let’s get to learn more about the nature and camping life!


NameÖnder Sayan
ResidencyBursa, Turkey
Hobbies / InterestsCamping, Playing Instruments
Social Media AccountsInstagram/onder.sayan
Önder Sayan - Turkish camper
When and how did you start to consider to be a camper? Was there any inspirational person or incident for you?

Indeed, I was a nature photographer a long time ago. And, I spend a lot of time in nature. Although I had to leave it because of personal problems, I still wanted to be there. In my opinion, people live in the wrong place by living in concrete buildings. By all creation stories, people come from the earth, and we will go there. But we can’t step on the soil nowadays, which is a problem. Maybe it is not possible in everyday life, but we can do as much as possible. ? In the beginning, I was doing standard tent camping. After that, I moved to the glamping style. Bigger tents are more comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the more time you spend on that land.

Do you always go to camping alone? Could it be dangerous in a way that you don’t have anybody with you in case of an emergency?
Also how do locals treat campers?

Generally, I go alone. I don’t have a problem in this regard. I can go to locations that I know. If I do not know the region, I take safety measures. Especially, you should be very careful about wildlife. Locals generally care about campers. They are even more caring for me because of my tools. ?

Have you ever faced with a wild animal? And what should we do in such a case?

Not really. Only some small animals. Reptiles, foxes, and jackals… Once a wild boar. I did not face with a bear or a wolf. But you can see tracks every time. If you face a bear, calm down firstly. Although it sounds impossible, you can do that. You can not run, climb, or swim faster than a bear. Then you should slowly back off.

We fear wild animals because we do not know their mating period or calving period. Our grandfathers lived together with wild animals. They were not faster or stronger than them. However, they had more information than us.

Moreover, if you are bitten by a snake, you should keep clean the bitten area. You shouldn’t do anything by yourself. Contrary to what is known, do not suck the area. ?

What was your hardest experience during a camp? Can you tell me about it?

Hmmm, hardest experience… My camps are comfortable. But I remember the times that I was feeling very cold and wet.

What would you advise our readers about the most essential tips for camping? Does it cost a lot to camp?

If you are a backpacker, you can choose small and light items. I like the products of Marmot, especially for sleeping bags and tents because they are very small and light. I use Marmot tungsten ultralight 2p as a tent. Also, my sleeping bag is Marmot. More than that, you should have a strong knife. For example, you can choose Helle or Casstrom. Also, take some axes as well.

Actually, camping is not expensive because you buy your equipment only once. After that, you can use them all the time for your camping life.

Camp setting and tools
How many days does your camping take in general? And how often do you go camping?

2 or 3 days. If possible every weekend.

What was the coldest temperature that you camped?

-15 C aprox. I use wood stove to prevent from cold.

Top 5 your favorite items for camping:

Wool blanket, sleeping bag, my knives-my axes, lighter, kerosene lantern.

Camping tools
Top 3 trekking shoe brands:

Dolomite, The North Face, Columbia

Best words to describe a good camper

Dream for the best, get ready for the worst…

Top 3 best countries about camping:

North of The World, USA, and sure Turkey.

Your favorite meal to keep you fit for camping

Maybe, sometimes prepared food. But only meat. ?

Written by Alper Aydın

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