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Breakfasts from Around the World: Which breakfast menu will you choose from given countries?

Who doesn’t like breakfast? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there are lots of different breakfasts from around the world. As you can tell from the title, we will be giving you various types of breakfast items from different countries around the world. Learn more about different countries’ breakfasts and express your opinion towards their breakfast items. Just a fair warning all the questions are very mouth-watering so be careful not to drool all over your computer or phone. Hope you will enjoy it!

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    Which breakfast would you prefer to have in China?

    • Congee
    • Hot and dry noodles
    • Jianbing
    • Steamed Stuffed Buns
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    Which of these breakfast items you can not say no to from Germany?

    • Bauernomelett
    • Mettbrötchen
    • Speckpfannkuchen
    • Eierkuchen
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    Which breakfast will you choose in Vietnam?

    • Pho
    • Rice Vermicelli
    • Mien
    • Bánh cuốn
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    This one is quite hard. Choose one breakfast from French cuisine.

    • French Omelette
    • French Butter Croissants
    • Pain au Chocolat
    • Brioche Bread
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    Choose a breakfast item from Turkey.

    • Boyoz
    • Sucuklu Yumurta
    • Tahin Pekmez
    • Menemen
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    Let’s choose an item for breakfast from the United States.

    • Pancakes
    • Hash Browns
    • Bacon and Eggs
    • Bagels
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    Let’s go to a northern european country. Choose a breakfast item from Finland.

    • Karelian Pie
    • Rye Bread
    • Porridge
    • Pulla
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    This time let’s choose an item from Mexico.

    • Huevos Rancheros
    • Chilaquiles
    • Enchiladas Verdes
    • Tostadas
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    Choose an item for breakfast from the Netherlands.

    • Appelstroop
    • Volkorenbrood
    • Bacon and Apple Pancakes
    • Poffertjes
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    Lastly, choose a breakfast item from Russia.

    • Blini
    • Syrniki
    • Zapekanka
    • Tvorog With Smetana

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