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Turkish or Greek? Let’s Reveal the Truth!

Turkish or Greek? As all foodies know, one of the greatest foodie wars happens between Greece and Turkey. These two countries have affected each other’s cuisines so much. One can not think either of them without the other.

It is always a debated issue to understand which food originates from which of these two cuisines. Is Yoghurt Turkish or Greek? What about baklava? Let’s now settle this fight for once and all…

  • Question of

    Is Baklava Greek or Turkish?

    • turkish baklava
    • greek baklava
  • Question of

    What about Yoghurt?

    • turkish yogurt
    • greek yoghurt
  • Question of

    Is it Cacık or Tzatziki?

    • Turkish (Cacık)
    • Greek (Tzatziki)
  • Question of

    Bourek(Börek) is….

    • borek2
      Turkish (Börek)
    • borek1
      Greek (Bourek)
  • Question of

    Is Coffee Greek or Turkish?

    • Turkish Coffee
    • greek coffee
      Greek Coffee
  • Question of

    An anise-flavored liqueur produced from the grape. What do you think? Is it belong to Turks or Greeks?

    • Turkish (Rakı)
    • Greek (Ouzo)
  • Question of

    Another hot issue… Feta!?

    • Turkish
    • Greek
  • Question of

    Yummy! Döner or Gyros? Same or different?

    • turkish döner
      Turkish (Döner)
    • greek gyros
      Greek (Gyros)
  • Question of

    Kalamari is…

    • Turkish
    • Greek
  • Question of

    What about stuffed mussels?

    • turkish mussel
      Turkish Midye
    • Greek Mydia

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Written by Dicle Tekin

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