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British Slang Words Quiz: How well do you know British Slang?

british slang words

The birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles and is home to many famous things. However, when you visit a place the most important thing is to understand what people mean when you are communicating. There are many British slang words that you should be familiar with in order to understand what the other person means. Here we will give you some examples for you to practice. Our British Slang Words Quiz will help you to be prepared while you are traveling. Hope you will find this very interesting and entertaining!

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    Let’s start with the easy one. What does ‘fortnight’ mean?

    • A two week period
    • The evening
    • The dawn
    • Four months
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    I will give you a bell. What do you think ‘give you a bell mean’?

    • To make a rain check
    • To call you
    • To order something
    • To help
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    If someone is jammy, what do we mean?

    • Arrogant
    • Honest
    • Prejudice
    • Lucky
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    This week has really knackered me. What do you think ‘knackered’ mean?

    • To disturb
    • To energize
    • To tire (someone) out
    • To fall
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    How about ‘ace’? What do you think it means?

    • Stinky
    • Amazing/Cool
    • Messy
    • Muddy
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    What does ‘quid’ refer to?

    • A candle
    • A cup of coffee
    • One pound sterlin
    • A fish
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    We better leg it. What do you think ‘leg it’ means?

    • To run away
    • To put on some socks
    • To dance
    • To do yoga
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    How about ‘absobloodylutely’?

    • Right Away
    • Because
    • Emphatic or humorous form of absolutely
    • Of course
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    This one is difficult. What does ‘tosh’ refer to?

    • Garbage
    • Nonsense
    • Paper
    • Bag
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    Lastly, what does ‘Bee’s knees’ mean?

    • Bee lover
    • Kind person
    • Beekeeper
    • A highly admired person or thing

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