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Canada Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Canada Before Your Visit!

Canada quiz

It is the second-largest country in the world. Very famous for its maple syrup. Does that ring a bell? If you guessed Canada, you are correct! This week we are presenting you our quiz on Canada. To start with, Canada has many beautiful aspects about it when it comes to traveling. The natural diversification and also harmony between rural and urban life are very interesting. A very green and large landscape welcomes you everywhere. However, in contrast to these natural beauties, the vibrancy of some cities is to die for. Also, the locals are very friendly and nice. Other than that, they are also a very competitive nation when it comes to hockey. Even though it might seem like you already know a lot about Canada, try our quiz. There might be some new information that you can come across and learn about. So, if you are ready, here is our Canada Quiz! May your day be as sweet as maple syrup!

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    Let’s start with a very easy but confusing question. What is the capital city of Canada?

    Ottawa, Canada
    • Toronto
    • Ottawa
    • Winnipeg
    • Victoria
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    What is the national food of Canada?

    Canada quiz
    • Moules-frites
    • Croissant
    • Poutine
    • Baguette
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    How many oceans does Canada touch?

    Canada quiz
    • Two
    • Three
    • Four
    • Five
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    At which national park can you find bison that have been brought back from the edge of extinction?

    • Stanley Park
    • Banff National Park
    • Jasper National Park
    • Elk Island National Park
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    In which city can you find a hotel made entirely of ice?

    • Quebec
    • Toronto
    • Montreal
    • Ottawa
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    Which one of these waterfalls is located in Canada?

    • Niagara Falls
    • Angel Falls
    • Iguazu Falls
    • Victoria Falls
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    What are Canada’s national sports?

    • Swimming and fencing
    • Baseball and basketball
    • Lacrosse and hockey
    • Soccer and hockey
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    Canada has many famous festivals throughout the year. Can you guess which one is not one of these?

    • Winterlude
    • Quebec Winter Carnival
    • Festival d’Avignon
    • The Calgary Stampede
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    There are many activities for you to enjoy in Canada. However, one of these is not one of them. Can you tell which one?

    Canada quiz
    • Whale watching
    • See the Northern Lights
    • Polar bear safari
    • Batu Cave exploration
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    Lastly, there are various breweries in Canada. Do you know which one is the biggest?

    • 7th Heaven Brewing
    • Moosehead Breweries
    • Sacred Craft Brewing
    • Dog Days Brewing

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