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Denmark Quiz: Test Your Knowledge about Denmark!

Denmark quiz

Denmark is a beautiful country as the linkage between northern Europe and Scandinavia! The country had great changes over the centuries from Vikings to a modern peaceful country. Denmark is often listed as one of the happiest countries in the world. Denmark and Danish culture have many to offer to its visitors! You can find beautiful picturesque Scandinavian fishing villages to Nobel-prized famous authors in Denmark! During your travel, you will come across fairy-tale castles, amazing bridges, innovative architecture, interesting events of history, and many more! Take our Denmark quiz to test your knowledge about Denmark and learn more about this Scandinavian country!

Let’s start with our Denmark quiz to see your results! Don’t forget to comment on your score in the comments below. If this quiz makes you more curious about Denmark, don’t hesitate to make more readings and researches about the facts and places that you saw in our questions. Surely, you will not regret learning more about this interesting country!

  • Question of

    How many people live in Denmark?

    Danish People
    • 2 millions
    • 6 millions
    • 10 millions
    • 14 millions
  • Question of

    Which island is part of the Kingdom of Denmark?

    • Iceland
    • Åland Islands
    • Faroe Islands
    • Greenland
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    Denmark has land border to only one country! Which country is it?

    • Sweden
    • Poland
    • Norway
    • Germany
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    What’s the name of famous bridge with 16 km direct link between Denmark and Sweden?

    Oresund Bridge
    • Storstrøm Bridge
    • The Øresund Bridge
    • Great Belt Fixed Link
    • Farø Bridges
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    Which famous author especially famous with his fairy tales has lived in Copenhagen?

    • Hans Christian Andersen
    • Karl May
    • Wilhelm Grimm
    • Oscar Wilde
  • Question of

    How tall is the ‘Little Mermaid’ statue in Copanhagen?

    the little marmaid
    • 1,25 meters
    • 2 meters
    • 3.25 meters
    • 4 meters
  • Question of

    Which famous toy brand is Danish?

    Legoland Dubai
    • Barbie
    • Hasbro
    • LEGO
    • Playmobil
  • Question of

    Which one of the oldest amusement parks in the below is in Copenhagen?

    • Wurstelprater
    • Tivoli
    • Gröna Lund
    • Disneyland
  • Question of

    Since when has Copenhagen’s free commune Christiania existed?

    • 1882
    • 1944
    • 1971
    • 2005
  • Question of

    What is the name of famous Danish open faced sandwiches in the picture?

    • Smørrebrød
    • Stegt flæsk
    • Danish pastries
    • Frikadeller

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