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Dubai Quiz: Test Your Dubai Knowledge

Dubai Quiz

Dubai has become one of the hottest prospects of tourism and finance center of the world over the years. Dubai became one of the most popular destinations among people with the rapid development, especially for luxury tourism. Now, it is one of the first cities that comes to mind when it is called ‘luxury tourism’. The city has a lot of fabulous architecture along with many different types of tourist activities from skydiving from the top of a skyscraper to going to a desert safari! There is an endless type of activities that you can have fun with during your journey in Dubai. In our Dubai quiz, you will discover more about Dubai’s attractions, history, landmarks, and characteristics!

Take our Dubai quiz and test your knowledge about this top tourist attraction! Don’t let us forget to comment on your score in the comment below!

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    What are the two geographic parts Dubai is divided into?

    Dubai Quiz
    • Left Dubai and Right Dubai
    • Deira and Bur Dubai
    • Upper Dubai and Lower Dubai
    • Emirate and Town
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    The main source of Dubai’s revenue in the 1980s was:

    • Gold
    • Coal
    • Oil
    • Camel
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    Who makes up the majority of Dubai’s population?

    • South Asians
    • Arabs
    • Europeans
    • Indians
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    Which of these is a world-famous seven-star hotel in Dubai?

    • Burj Dubai
    • Burj Al Alam
    • Burj Al Arab
    • Burj Khalifa
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    Which of these is a palm-shaped, artificial island in Dubai?

    • Palm UAE
    • Palm Jumeriah
    • Palm Dubai
    • The palm shaped island is in Abu Dhabi
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    What is the national airline of the UAE, based in Dubai?

    • Etihad
    • Gulf air
    • Qatar
    • Emirates
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    Oil accounts for how much GDP of Dubai economy today?

    • 80
    • 35
    • 6
    • 24
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    What’s name of the tallest building in Dubai?

    • Burj Khalifa
    • Burj Al Arab
    • Makkah Royal Clock Tower
    • Burj Dubai
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    Which building is built in 1787 and is the oldest existing building in Dubai?

    • Jibreen Castle
    • Fujairah Fort
    • Al Fahidi Fort
    • Rustaq Fort
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    What is the “Dubai World Cup”?

    • Cricket Championship
    • A horse race
    • Golf tournament
    • Rugby Championship

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