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Estonia Quiz: How Well Do You Know Estonia?

Estonia quiz

When you visit Estonia you will feel the distinct mix of urbanity and wilderness. The culture of this country consists of rich historical background. For example, folk songs and dances and rustic food are what you may expect from Estonia. The little bits of evidence dating back to the Soviet Era make it even more interesting. Also, the city of Tallin is worth visiting to see all the authentic buildings. It is the perfect place to be with friends and family. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t know many things about this country. Our quiz about Estonia will help you learn more and test what you already know!

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    Which is the capital of Estonia?

    Estonia quiz
    • Oslo
    • Tallin
    • Minsk
    • Kyiv
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    Which is the largest lake in Estonia?

    • Lake Peipus
    • Võrtsjärv
    • Rõuge Suurjärv
    • Lake Verevi
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    What is the national symbol of Estonia?

    • Sword
    • Stork
    • Pigeon
    • Barn swallow
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    The Estonian language belongs to which group of languages?

    • Austronesian
    • Indo-European
    • Baltic-Finnic
    • Afro-Asiatic
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    What is the name of this Estonian dish?

    • Hernesupp Suitsukoodiga
    • Eesti Kartulisalat
    • Sült
    • Vürtsikilu Suupiste
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    Which one of these World Heritage Sites is located in Estonia?

    • Mostar
    • Mont Saint-Michel
    • Historic Centre (Old Town) Of Tallinn
    • Petra
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    How many islands do you think Estonia has?

    Estonia quiz
    • Over 800
    • Over 1200
    • Over 1700
    • Over 2000
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    Do you know where you can find the underwater prison in Estonia?

    • Valga
    • Narva
    • Rummu
    • Tartu
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    This well is supposedly controlled by witches. Do you know what it is called?

    • Forbidden City
    • Tuhala Witch’s Well
    • Petra
    • Lloyds
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    Lastly, can you tell us the name of the traditional alcoholic Estonian drink?

    • Trappist Beer
    • Tsipouro
    • Moscow Mule
    • Vana Tallin

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