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Europe Geography Quiz: How Well Do You Know Europe?

europe geography quiz

Europe is the second smallest continent in the world. However, do not let the size of it fool you. This continent is boarded by many seas and oceans including the Atlantic Ocean and the Black Sea. Moreover, the continent itself has been through many great things throughout history. Also, still is home to many famous touristic destinations. Regardless of these destinations, the geography of itself is unbelievable. The great lakes, big mountains, and long rivers are to enjoy with your beloved ones. To be fair, this Europe Geography Quiz is not that easy but we know you can do it. Overall, this European geography quiz is here to test your basic knowledge and also hopefully help you learn new interesting things. If you are all buckled up, let’s dive into our Europe Geography Quiz!

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    What is the largest lake in Europe?

    Europe geography quiz
    • Lake Kivu
    • Lake Ladoga
    • Lake Albert
    • Lake Kisale
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    Which archipelago does Ibiza belong to?

    Europe Geography Quiz
    • Balearic Islands
    • British Isles
    • Hebrides
    • Channels Islands
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    Which river flows through Paris?

    Europe Geography Quiz
    • Purus River
    • Volga River
    • Lena River
    • Seine River
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    In which European country can you find the Saxon Switzerland National Park?

    • Austria
    • Germany
    • Switzerland
    • France
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    Which countries can you find in Great Britain?

    • Germany, France and Scotland
    • Hungary, Scotland and Wales
    • Switzerland, England and Scotland
    • England, Scotland and Wales
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    What is the highest mountain in Europe?

    • Kronplatz
    • Mount Elbrus
    • Grossglockner
    • Moldoveanu Peak
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    What is the name of the peninsula where you can find both Portugal and Spain?

    Europe Geography Quiz
    • Iberian Peninsula
    • Italian Peninsula
    • Jutland Peninsula
    • Balkan Peninsulas
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    To which country does this flag belong?

    • Netherlands
    • Hungary
    • Belgium
    • Norway
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    Where can you find Mont Blanc?

    • Italy
    • Austria
    • France
    • Denmark
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    Vienna is the capital city of which country?

    • Austria
    • Belarus
    • Poland
    • France

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