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Greece Quiz: Test Your Knowledge!

greece quiz

With thousands of islands, Greece is the birthplace of many things. It is also often called the cradle of Western Civilization. However, except for a rich historical background, there are many natural beauties as well. You can enjoy a cool summer breeze on one of the most gorgeous beaches. The party never stops in Greece. You can always find a place to drink and enjoy the night. Let’s not forget about the delicious Greek street foods too. In common with other Mediterranean cuisines, you can always enjoy a fresh dish with lots of olive oil. What do you ask more than that from a country? So, we present to you our Greece Quiz. Do not think this is a typical Greece trivia quiz. We will help you learn new things and also test what you already know. Hope you enjoy it!

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    Which city is the capital of Greece?

    • Thessaloniki
    • Athens
    • Heraklion
    • Larissa
  • Question of

    How do you say good morning in Greek?

    • Geia
    • Kalinychta
    • Ναί
    • Kalimera
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    Which one of these dishes is an iconic dish from Greece?

    • Moussaka
    • Dolma
    • Patatas Bravas
    • Bibimbap
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    What is the greek beverage called in the picture?

    greece quiz
    • Rakı
    • Sake
    • Ouzo
    • Metaxa
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    Can you tell us the name of this tradition?

    • The Good Month
    • Kabuki
    • Sky Dancing
    • Plate Smashing
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    When did Greece join the European Union?

    • 1981
    • 1986
    • 1993
    • 2000
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    Which branch of Christianity is traditionally followed in Greece?

    • Orthodox
    • Catholicism
    • Anglicanism
    • Protestantism
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    What is the name of this UNESCO World Heritage Site in the picture that is located in Greece?

    • Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae
    • Medieval City of Rhodes
    • Mystra’s Palace
    • Abu Mena
  • Question of

    What is the name of this special Greek instrument?

    • Saz
    • Bouzouki
    • Harp
    • Banjo
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    What is ‘Sirtaki’?

    • A name of a very famous festival
    • A type of dance
    • A type of music genre
    • Name of a famous beach

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