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Hawaii Trivia Quiz: Learn Fun Facts about Hawaii!

Hawaii Trivia

Hawaii is known for the most beautiful beaches, sunsets, palm trees, wonderful wildlife all surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. You can enjoy the rain on a hot summer day while you are surfing. It is always a great place to visit without a doubt. But, of course, Hawaii is more than that. Maybe some fun facts about Hawaii that you have never heard of might trigger you to buy a flight ticket! Well, if you are ready to dive in we present you with our Hawaii Trivia Quiz. Enjoy!

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    What does “Aloha” means in ​English?

    • You Are Welcome
    • Thank You
    • Hello and also Goodbye
    • Bless You
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    What does a “Lei” symbolize?

    • Longevity
    • Trustworthiness
    • Affection
    • Pureness
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    How many main islands are there in the state of Hawaii?

    • 8
    • 16
    • 23
    • 37
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    What is the Muai Island’s nickname?

    • The Mountain Island
    • The Sugar Island
    • The Blue Island
    • The Valley Isle
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    Which one of these is does not belong to traditional Hawaiian cuisine?

    • Poke
    • Spam Musubi
    • Curry Rice
    • Kulolo
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    What is the traditional hawaiian dance called?

    • Tango
    • Hula
    • Samba
    • Salsa
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    Which one of these attractions is not found in Hawaii?

    • Waikiki Beach
    • Volcanoes National Park
    • Haleakala National Park
    • Park Güell
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    Which Hawaiian island is also known as The Garden Island?

    • Kauai
    • Maui
    • Necker
    • Nihoa
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    What is a humuhumunukunukuapua’a?

    • A plant
    • A fish
    • A fruit
    • A stone
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    Which one of these is not one of the national parks in Hawaii?

    • Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park
    • Haleakalā National Park
    • Waimea Canyon State Park
    • Torres del Paine National Park

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