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Japan Quiz: How well do you know Japan?

japan quiz

Sushi, Noodles, Tea Ceremonies, Geishas… Well, these are only the tip of the iceberg. On the internet there are different types of quizzes on Japan however this special quiz on Japan is here to surprise you. With our questions, we help you to define and learn different aspects of Japan. Japanese culture and tradition are very sacred. It also offers varied attractions to tourists as well. Such as Tōdai-Ji and Mount Fuji. We are here to cherish it all with our Japan quiz questions. Arigatō!




  • Question of

    How many islands does Japan have in total?

    japan quiz
    • 430
    • 3,541
    • 6,852
    • 12,146
  • Question of

    How many districts or wards make up Tokyo?

    • 10
    • 17
    • 23
    • 32
  • Question of

    What is the national dish of Japan?

    • Sashimi
    • Sushi
    • Ramen
    • Curry Rice
  • Question of

    What is the national drink of Japan?

    • Tea
    • Sake
    • Beer
    • Whiskey
  • Question of

    What is Sake made of?

    • Rice
    • Plums
    • Cherries
    • Pears
  • Question of

    Approximately how many temples are in Kyoto?

    • 200
    • 500
    • 1000
    • 1600
  • Question of

    Which is the national flag of Japan?

    japan quiz
    • ??
    • ??
    • ??
    • ??
  • Question of

    What does the Japanese flag represent?

    • Mt. Fuji
    • Cherry Blossoms
    • Tokyo
    • Land of the rising sun
  • Question of

    Which is the 2nd biggest city of Japan in terms of population?

    • Kyoto
    • Osaka
    • Hiroshima
    • Tokyo
  • Question of

    What does ‘Geisha’ translate to?

    • Doll performer
    • Women of dance
    • Women of art
    • Person of art

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