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New Zealand Trivia Quiz: Only True New Zealanders Can Pass This Quiz!

new zealand trivia quiz

Sheeps, Manuka trees, wine, kiwi, and many more. An island country that lies in the South Pacific Ocean has a lot to offer other than usual New Zealand facts. New Zealand is more than what you expect. If you have enough confidence and slight bravery here is our New Zealand Trivia Quiz.

Hope you enjoy!

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    What is the capital city of New Zealand?

    • Auckland
    • Tauranga
    • Gisborne
    • Wellington
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    What is the name of the New Zealand national tribe?

    • Maori
    • Aborigines
    • Crow
    • Cree
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    What does the term “Kiwi” mean in New Zealand?

    • A word for Maori origin
    • A bird’s name
    • Someone who was born in New Zealand
    • All of the above
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    What did New Zealand do first?

    • First to go to the moon
    • First votes for women
    • First to host the Olympics
    • First to print a book
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    Which New Zealand city has the highest population?

    • Dunedin
    • Wellington
    • Auckland
    • Hamilton
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    In which famous movie the scenery of New Zealand was used?

    • Seven
    • Lord of The Rings
    • Upgrade
    • Bridget Jones’s Diary
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    Which sea lies between New Zealand and Australia?

    • Tasman Sea
    • Caribbean Sea
    • Black Sea
    • Adriatic Sea
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    What is the easternmost city in New Zealand and the first to see the sun each day?

    • Whanganui
    • Queenstown
    • Gisborne
    • Auckland
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    Which product does New Zealanders produce from their Manuka trees?

    • Manuka Jam
    • Manuka Juice
    • Manuka Syrup
    • Manuka Honey
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    How many islands does New Zealand consist of?

    • 300
    • 400
    • 600
    • 700

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