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Poland Quiz: How Much Do You Know Poland?

Poland quiz

Welcome back to one of our quizzes. This time our quiz is about Poland. A country that is located in the very center of Europe. However, Poland has quite an impressive amount of things that it offers to its visitors. We will just give a hint of the diverse geography, stately castles and beautiful cities with our quiz on Poland. Do not be scared because we think you actually know better than you think about this mesmerizing country. So, if you are ready to dive in, let’s start our quiz!

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    To start with, what is the capital of Poland?

    Poland quiz
    • Kraków
    • Warsaw
    • Gdańsk
    • Poznań
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    How do you say “hello” in Polish?

    • Cześć
    • Do widzenia
    • Dziękuję Ci
    • Pożegnanie
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    What is the currency of Poland?

    • Krone
    • Forint
    • Euro
    • Złoty
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    What is this Polish dish called?

    • Bigos
    • Zurek
    • Pierogi
    • Racuchy
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    Which of these countries does not share a border with Poland?

    • Germany
    • Belarus
    • Ukraine
    • Slovenia
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    Can you tell us what ‘imieniny’ mean?

    • National Day of Polan
    • Name Day
    • A festival
    • The name for Christmas
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    Which one of these world heritage sites is not in Poland?

    Poland quiz
    • Malbork Castle
    • Białowieża Forest
    • Warsaw Old Town
    • Stonehenge
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    The top color in the Polish flag is white. True or false?

    • True
    • False
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    Poland is home to the biggest castle in the world. Do you know what it is called?

    • Malbork Castle
    • Edinburgh Castle
    • Hohenzollern Castle
    • Bodiam Castle
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    Lastly, can you name this famous statue located in Krakow?

    • The Little Mermaid
    • Wawel Dragon
    • Luther Monument
    • Lion Monument

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