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Stockholm Quiz – The Capital of Sweden

quiz stockholm

The capital of Sweden. A mesmerizing city with the most creative artwork, many bridges, and its different perspective. Stockholm has a lot to offer to a traveler. In order to see how much you know about the city of Stockholm, we prepared a set of questions. So, solve our Stockholm Quiz, and don’t forget to let us know how you actually did.

Hope you enjoy it!

  • Question of

    In what year did Stockholm become the official capital of Sweden?

    • 1005
    • 1211
    • 1634
    • 1812
  • Question of

    Which sea is located on the eastern side of Stockholm?

    • Black Sea
    • Mediterranean Sea
    • Baltic Sea
    • Aegan Sea
  • Question of

    Which one is the largest lake in Stockholm?

    • Lötsjön
    • Trekanten
    • Söderbysjön
    • Mälaren
  • Question of

    How many bridges are there in Stockholm?

    • 5-10
    • 10-30
    • 30-50
    • 50-60
  • Question of

    Which one is the narrowest street in Stockholm?

    • Långa Gatan
    • Mårten Trotzigs Gränd
    • Norrbro
    • Sickla Kanalgata
  • Question of

    Which event is hosted annually in Stockholm?

    • Nobel Prize
    • Heisman Trophy
    • Borg-Warner Trophy
    • Water Prize
  • Question of

    Stockholm’s subway is also known as the “world’s longest” what?

    • Restaurant
    • Skate Park
    • Art Gallery
    • Zoo
  • Question of

    Which one of these buildings is the oldest building in Stockholm?

    • Nobel Prize Museum
    • The Royal Palace
    • Stockholm City Hall
    • The Riddarholmen Church
  • Question of

    What is Skansen?

    • Open Air Museum and Zoo
    • Amusement Park
    • Skate Park
    • Art Gallery
  • Question of

    From which event did the term “Stockholm Syndrome” occur?

    • Stalking
    • Bank Robbery
    • Plagiarism
    • Theft

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