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Venice Quiz: 10 Questions About Venice!

Venice quiz

Venice is a city that has been quite famous throughout history. Many nicknames have been given such as ” Queen of the Adriatic” and “City of Water”. In terms of many aspects, Venice is one of the most admirable cities in the world. Such as the environment and the architecture many of us will agree that it is breathtaking. It is also one of the most famous touristic destinations in the world. The reason for that is it has been home to the oldest touristic and cultural centers. When we ask ourselves what is so magical about Venice, we can for sure name a long list that goes on and on. For example, charming canals, bridges, and waterways. It is a city that you must see before you die! Even though we seem to know a lot about this mesmerizing city our quiz about Venice and overall about Italy can help you learn many fascinating things you have never come across before. If you are ready, let’s start our Venice quiz!

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    What is the Italian name for Venice?

    Venice quiz
    • Veneto
    • Venezia
    • Venixia
    • Venecia
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    What is the name of the widest (and most celebrated) Venetian canal that winds its way through the whole length of the city?

    Venice quiz
    • Canal Grande
    • Canale Alicorno
    • Canale Cavour
    • Canale Industriale
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    Venice was considered too beautiful to bomb during World War II, so it received no attacks from either Axis or Allied forces.

    Venice quiz
    • True
    • False
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    Why are Venice’s gondolas painted black?

    Venice quiz
    • To protect themselves from pirates
    • To prohibit competition for the fanciest boat
    • To get rid of bad spirits
    • To scare away the big fishes
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    And also, what are the names of the gondola ferries given on the Venetian Canal?

    Venice quiz
    • Barca
    • Albatros
    • Traghetto
    • Alcione
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    The Carnival of Venice (Carnevale di Venezia) is an annual festival held in Venice. What do people traditionally wear at this festival?

    • Masks
    • Capes
    • Costumes
    • All of the above
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    What is the main source of income for Venice?

    Venice quiz
    • Boat Industry
    • Small Businesses
    • International Trade
    • Tourism
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    What is the name of this famous cathedral located in Venice?

    Venice quiz
    • Saint Mark’s Basilica
    • Cologne Cathedral
    • Duomo di Milano
    • Cathedral of Brasília
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    The name of the famous bridge ‘Bridge of Sighs’ has a story. Do you know what did they name it after?

    Venice quiz
    • Villagers
    • Sharks
    • Prisoners
    • Big Boats
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    Lastly, can you tell us what is the name of the tallest building in Venice?

    • Santo Stefano Bell Tower
    • St Mark’s Campanile
    • Torre delle Milizie
    • Campanile di San Marco

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