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Scuba Diving in Cozumel: A Dividing Tale


When you think about the oceans in Cozumel which are amazing for scuba diving what colors do you bring to your mind? Dark, royal, and sapphire profound blues? And when you think about a Caribbean beach which colors pop into your mind? Turquoise, cadet, and aqua blue? Well, what if you can find all these beautiful colors in one place. The place I like to call it home Cozumel. Like every other sports activity, scuba diving in Cozumel is one of the best experiences that one can ever be live.

A day in Cozumel

Cozumel has it all, under and above water. Once you step afoot on this island, you will fall in love with it. Located at the Yucatan Peninsula, Cozumel is one of the largest islands in México. Let me walk you through a regular day in paradise. While the sun rises, you can listen to the sound of birds in the trees, and the coffee smell from one of our local shops awakens you with its delicious perfume. 7:00 am It’s time to get ready for dive. Scuba diving in Cozumel is such an extraordinary experience that you’ll never forget about. You dress quickly and pour some coffee in your thermos, grab your dive gear as you walk to the door and your ride is already waiting for you.

Scuba diving in Cozumel

As you drive to the marina you watch how the islanders are slowly opening some of their businesses, athletes in their bikes getting warmed up to spin around the island; just a few cars, it is early and it’s island time here, and when you reach to the main avenue to your left passing a building, there you see the beautiful ocean, while you sip from your coffee your expectation starts rising.. soon you will be in there, your journey for scuba diving in Cozumel will begin soon. When you arrive at the marina the sound of tanks banging to each other while the sailors and captains are preparing everything for your depart, excites you. Ropes, buoys, pelicans, the smell of salt and fish everywhere… suddenly you realize your stomach is anxious -soon- you think to yourself.

Beginning of the Scuba Diving Experience in Cozumel

It’s time to get in the boat and prepare your scuba gear, the crew has your place ready with your tank so you proceed to set your gear, double-checking all, the engine starts and you finally sit to take another sip of your warm coffee watching the boat stepping away from the marina while slowly speeding into the Caribbean blue colors. Time to start off the journey for scuba diving in Cozumel’s deep blue ocean.

Scuba diving in Cozumel

The journey is magical while you navigate among different shades of blue, when you take a look to the side of the boat you realize the water is so crystal clear you can actually see the bottom shells; again you think to yourself ..soon-, and while the clouds move with the wind the tonalities of the sea changes and the bottom reveal shades and forms, you hear the captain scream “ahead” and when you turn your sight a family of dolphins play in front of the boat speeding and dazzling you with their jumps.  Not bad for a day right, especially while you are scuba diving in Cozumel… And it’s only 8:45 in the morning.

The boat slows down you are almost there, and your divemaster indicates it’s time to prepare yourself, so you squeeze into your wetsuit while he starts his briefing, you are listening to him but your stomach flutters with butterflies,  a feeling that something very good is about to happen. Suddenly the boat stops, you arrive at your dive spot. Everyone gets into their dive gear including you, you make sure again your tank is open, push some air to your vest, check the amount of air you have and oh yes, make sure your camera is ready. And it’s finally happening. The splendid scuba diving dream in Cozumel is finally happening!

Time to Dive In

It’s time! The stomach and bugs inside are exploding in excitement, you hold your mask and flip in.. oh that cold splash is glorious!

scuba diving in Cozumel

-Everyone ok? Your dive master asks-  you look at your partners, yes everyone´s ready.

He flips his finger down telling everyone you can start descending and suddenly all that butterflies and noise are gone, there is nothing left but the weightless feeling of peace and breathing, finally silence. Now you have reached your destination and you can explore that immense blue space. There is nothing like that humbling sensation of being part of the experience of scuba diving in Cozumel and we will need a whole book to describe all that you can see and experience underwater.

Cozumel has some of the best reefs in the world and the visibility is magnificent. Inside you can find more than 500 species of fish, more than 50 species of corals, invertebrates and so many marine species that amaze you every single time you go diving. So you will need to experience scuba diving in Cozumel for yourself over and over, cause each time is unique.

scuba diving in cozumel

After your first dive, one of the classic surface stops is at El Cielo, an unbelievable sandbar filled with starfishes and colors like no other place, you will truly feel in heaven.  Time to recharge with a little snack and lots of fresh water and you will be ready for your next underwater adventure with your second tank. Once you finish scuba diving in Cozumel you will realize that the $85 USD -which is less the regular rate you pay for a 2 tank dive- was the best investment you have ever made and that feeling of happiness and excitement will confirm.

Exploring the Cozumel After the Diving Experience

1:30 pm and it is time for lunch. Oh, so many choices on our little island, from traditional shrimp sandwiches and ceviches, classic cantinas to international gourmet restaurants all managed by locals waiting for the opportunity to share their specials with you. There are a lot of options to choose between. In the afternoon you can walk in the Malecon and the central plaza, where you can find merchants with souvenirs and handicrafts, as you keep walking you make sure you find a table from one of the restaurants and bars in the Malecon to enjoy the last rays of the sun. Our sunsets are spectacular and amazing to watch! Especially after you have experienced scuba diving here in Cozumel.


8:00 pm time for bed and soak it all in, tomorrow it will be a brand new day for a whole bunch of new and amazing experiences. Cozumel activities are endless; water activities, sports, nature, culture, gastronomic, and many more, for all ages and tastes. Join me for another day of an island girl in paradise, and please make sure that you live the moment of scuba diving in Cozumel, with its shiny scenery, deep blue waves, and unprecedented experiences. You can also check this site if you want to get more information and about scuba diving experiences in Cozumel!

Written by Laura Espejel

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