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7 Most Beautiful Ports around the Seven Seas


Ahoy traveler! I would like to start with a quick introduction. My name is Inez and I am a Belgian elementary school teacher. Before this pandemic, I was working as a Youth staff on a cruise ship. Back then, our days of the weeks turned into countries and international colleagues turned into family. Sailing around the globe with a cruise ship, visiting some of the most beautiful ports is a great experience to have in your life. Sharing this lifetime experience, I would like to share the most beautiful ports I visited at the Seven Seas. Welcome on board!

Antigua and Barbuda

most beautiful ports

These Caribbean islands have a lot of beauty to offer. The first stop, Devil’s bridge, a natural formed bridge that makes it possible to stand between the waves. You will feel like a mermaid! The next stop was Nelson’s Dockyard, the National park where you can catch the most amazing skyline. Last but not least, you have the possibility to go swimming with stingrays!


most beautiful ports
A must-see during this trip is definitely the blue and green lake! I think this picture speaks more than a thousand words….

During our crossing from Europe to North-America, we made a stop at Sao Miguel, Azores. This island was just BREATHTAKING. We jumped into a taxi that brought us to the most magical places around Ponta Delgada, the capital of this archipelago. 


Chilling at a pool? Visiting the great Atlantis hotel with its waterpark? Or cuddling with some pigs at the beach? Bahama’s has it all! This country looks like paradise on earth. As a crew member, I had the privilege to witness a junkanoo during one of the overnights. Junkanoo is a carnival parade with dancing, singing, and floats coloring the streets until sunrise. This festivity takes place on Boxing Day.

Mexico, Quintana Roo

Chichen-Itza, Mexico
Kukulcán in Chichen-Itza

As we had several stops in Mexico, so it is hard to point out one specific spot. Nevertheless, this country has a special place in my heart. Who doesn’t like some tacos, quesadillas, or tequila at the beach! Not only the good food and beaches caught my eye, but also the cheerful culture and warm people. The Mayan temple Kukulcán in Chichen-Itza is definitely a must-see in life!


most beautiful ports

Somewhere hidden in the French Côte- Azur, there was a beatiful port called Villefranche-sur-Mer. This idyllic village is located between Nice and Monaco, so ideal for a day trip. Not only the location itself is perfect. This town has some small streets and pretty viewpoints to explore. Its peaceful scenery shall stay with me.


If you like a city with a rich culture and history, then Saint-Petersburg will be the highlight of your Baltic cruise. In the Hermitage, the second-largest art museum in the world, you can explore the most famous paintings and sculptures throughout time.  If you are intrigued by Russian history, you can take the boat to Petrodvorets. A massive park with many fountains. The cherry on top of the cake is the Royal Palace in the middle of this gigantic complex!

Puerto Rico

Despacito nana nana PUERTO RICO! Known for its colorful streets, tropical weather, and vivid nightlife, this island definitely belongs to my favorite places.  As crew members, we liked to visit the fortress, take some pictures at Fortaleza street, go shopping and eat some local food. Also around the capital Saint Juan, there are some nature hotspots to discover. Fun fact: Puerto Rico is a part of the United States! (Check out the Puerto Rico quiz for more interesting facts!)

Hope you enjoyed the article about the most beautiful ports around the world. I wish you the best for the upcoming year, hopefully, filled with many travel destinations.

Interested in my adventures? You can follow me on Instagram @inez_dever. May you have fair winds and following seas. Let me know the other beautiful ports that you have been to in the comments section!

Written by Inez Dever

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