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Skiing in Via Lattea, Europe’s Center for Winter Sports

Skiing in Via Lattea

Via Lattea is an Italian-French ski area composed of seven Piedmont resorts. The resorts Oulx, Cesana, Claviere, San Sicario, Sauze d’Oulx and Sestriere are located in the Upper Susa Valley. The Chisone Valley hosts Pragelato and the French resort of Monginevro. But here is the reason why you should make yourself familiar with these difficult names: The Piedmont resorts will provide you with the greatest ski trip in all of Europe. If you are a winter sports enthusiast, skiing in Via Lattea will be the experience of a lifetime.

The district is the second-largest ski region in Europe. It develops from a height of 1,350 m above sea level of Cesana to 2,823 m of Mount Motta. The region has 70 ski lifts and 243 slopes (for a total length of about 400 km). Some of these pistes hosted the ski races of the XX Winter Olympic Games in Turin 2006.

The area is accessible by train from the Oulx-Cesana-Claviere-Sestriere stations. It is located on the international Rome-Paris line. You can go by car via the A32 freeway and exit Circonvallazione di Oulx.

Via Lattea means "Milky Way" in Italian
Via Lattea means “Milky Way” in Italian.

In Piedmont, there are many hotels, residences, bars, restaurants, and entertainment facilities. Each of them is equipped to accommodate people with disabilities both for vacation and sports activities.

Winter Season


From the Alpine Ski World Cup to the World Winter Games and the Olympic Games
skiing in Via Lattea

Over the years, the territory has hosted prestigious ski events from the Alpine Ski World Cup to the World Ski Championships in 1997. It also hosted the Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympics in 2006. Each of them was a fantastic occasion that united the Alpine resorts in the Via Lattea ski region. The resorts joined forces to host athletes and tourists from around the world who came flocking to see the games.

Alpine Skiing

skiing in Via Lattea

The Via Lattea ski region is among the most important ski regions in the world, with 212 slopes (7 green; 67 blue; 97 red; 41 black) served by 69 lifts. 60 percent of the slopes and lifts are located at an altitude of 2000 meters and above. This is one of the most appealing aspects that make skiing in Via Lattea memorable. It is also famous for the sunny and panoramic slopes that combine the beauty of typical Occitan mountain-hut villages with luxury resorts. Via Lattea is perfect for all types of ski and snowboarding enthusiasts who are looking for a wide range of itineraries.

Nordic Skiing

freeride skiing

If you are a cross-country or freeride skier, this is also the place to be. Stadio del Trampolino offers ski-jumping pistes, and you can find routes dedicated to nordic skiing in Sestriere and Claviere. There are countless other itineraries for ski mountaineering and freeride enthusiasts.

Winter Activities

winter in Via Lattea

If you want to take a day off for some exploration while skiing in Via Lattea, there are many activities to try. The region offers fantastic winter excursions. Endless trails await you for magical snowshoe hikes on fresh snow. You can fill your day with ice-karting in the Pragelato ice rink, snowmobile excursions on foot or on a sledge pulled by Siberian huskies, and ice skating. And when the sun sets over the steep hills, you can enjoy your dinner in a mountain resort and watch the night sky.

Entertainment for Every Age

There are numerous open and safe spaces that are ideal for children. Your children will have the best time playing in the snow with or without skis. There are also areas for bobsleighing and tobogganing. You can participate in the entertainment events hosted in these areas.

Ski Resorts and Facilities

Claviere, Turin
Claviere, Turin

The area has a number of resorts and facilities that are available for guests in winter and summer. They include wellness centers, sports halls, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools with heated water. Also, with shops and all kinds of entertainment venues, the area offers a pleasant stay. You will have a comfortable and joyful time while skiing in Via Lattea.

Summer Season

A Wonderful Area for Winter Sports

winter sports

It doesn’t matter which sports you want to practice, because in Via Lattea you will get to do all of them. The available activities include hiking, mountain biking, e-biking, horseback riding, and motorized excursions. There are also numerous facilities for athletes who want to train. Sports camps of various disciplines welcome professionals as well as beginners every year. You will have the time of your life training in routes named after great champions such as Gelindo Bordina and Ivano Brugnetti.


The summer season is particularly rich in entertainment activities for visitors of all ages. The area hosts popular cultural events that reflect the Alpine roots and unique flavors of the territory. The blossoming Olympic mountains offer a spectacular panorama.

Plein Air Painting

If you are a plein air enthusiast, you will have the best sceneries for your art here. The camping areas, villages, and endless mountains will give you the perfect inspiration.

Traditional Flavors of the Italian-French Alps

Simple or refined, strong or delicate. You will get a taste of different flavors that originate from the mountains. The gastronomic experience will be an integral part of your stay. In the area, you can find restaurants, pubs, breweries, and grocery stores that celebrate the unique tastes of these mountains.

Sausage Shop in the Alps
Sausage Shop in the Alps

During the summer season, these are accessible on foot, by mountain bike, or by vehicles through the network of carriage roads. During the winter season, you can reach them on skis and by ski lifts. In the evening, snowmobiles and snowcat shuttles will take you to an unforgettable dinner. The local gastronomic tradition combines the selected menus with the best wines of Piedmont and Italy.

How to Get There

By car

The ski slopes of the Vialattea are easily accessible thanks to the A32 freeway. It connects Turin to Oulx in less than an hour. Once you leave the freeway, you can reach any of the resorts in half an hour.

By Plane and Train

Transfer services exist to and from airports (Turin, Milan, Bergamo, Genoa, Cuneo). You can also get to the Oulx train station (TGV Milan-Turin-Lyon-Paris stop) in about half an hour by bus.

By Bus

You can reach the region from Turin and Oulx by bus.

If you are interested in skiing in Via Lattea, you can plan your stay and get all the information you need from here.

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