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Spice up Your Living Room with Travel Theme Which Will Inspire Everyone

spice up your living room

The living room is a shared space where you entertain all your visitors. The aura of the room should portray your personality and interest. The travel theme decor is trending for traveling enthusiasts as it reflects your love for exploration. In addition, It’s a very inspiring way and best for the living room as a conversation starter. You can add graceful travel elements to the living space. Are you willing to incorporate this theme and have a problem figuring out where to begin? Then, keep reading to know all the ways to spice up the living room with a travel decor theme.

Use Earthy Tones as Base

Use earthy tones for the living room wall and highlight all the travel themes. The travel elements will come up nicely. So, choose neutral earthy tones and add vintage wooden elements with all sorts of travel accents and wall arts.

Add an out of the World View

Create a larger-than-life view with some exotic wall art. One of the best choices can be canvas wall arts that make even simple landscapes look grand and classic. The fantastic living room wall art collection at ElephantStock is available in all sizes and styles. 

The canvas makes a simple illustration look so artistic and premium. The colossal look of a world map, landscapes, and famous monuments will enhance the overall look. In addition, it brings a focal point, layering, texture, and a sense of completion to your room.

Add Every Growing Map

You can create a large world map on one of the walls with the help of a corkboard, cardboard, or readymade world map. Mark all the places you have visited and let the destination count grow. This will be a fantastic, exciting element for your living room.

Curate a Personal Travel Gallery

It would be best not to hide the travel collection in some closet; instead, display it gracefully. The living room is best for showing precious travel memories. You can photo print some landscape prints, monuments, selfies, a group photo to create a perfectly balanced grid or gallery wall. 

Place a wooden table in front of the gallery wall and place all the travel belongings, books, souvenirs, globe, etc. A nook dedicated to travel will look amazing.

Warm Lighting

The lighting will bring all things together, and pretty light will give the travel theme a more impressive look. You can especially go for colored glass hanging lights. 

The Moroccan prints will let you add different cultures and a sense that you’re at someone’s palace who loves different cultures and countries. Also, a globe shaped light in a corner would look good.

Impressive Rugs

The rugs with mosaic and Moroccan prints under the couch and coffee table on the front look vintage and add to the travel theme. 

You can go for the collection you got from your travel trips. They also bring different cultures and arts together. So, go for artistic rugs and the pieces, celebrating cultures and artisans.

Typography For A Traveler

Typography posters, canvas with motivational travel quotes look like a cherry on the top. You can hang or place some frames with the quotes that motivate you most. It can be from your favorite traveler. This convenient and appealing element adds to the living room.

Add Subtle yet significant Travel Accessories

  • A vintage wooden steamer trunk for the coffee table will look cheery on the top. Repaint it to black or wooden colors; now paint the handles golden. This accessory will be the most glamorous travel decor of your living room.
  • To affirm your wanderlust, you can use unique suitcase shelves. The shelves look very chic, and you can place some decorative travel pieces on them. Also, put some exciting travel books on them to enhance the shelves.
  • A minimalistic suitcase turntable for playing perfect music, ditch the normal one and install the trending one to create a wow factor.
  • Display postcards artistically on glass wall hanging or traditionally frame them. For example, you can mount them on the travel gallery wall.
  • Display some authentic souvenirs from different parts. This will look very good and add interest to your living room.
  • Pile up suitcases to create side tables or near the sofa. Then place a classic lamp or and lots of travel books.

Let’s Wrap it

So, now you can pick up these effortless, yes impressive elements to turn your living room into a traveler’s den. You don’t have to go over the board by incorporating all the design and decor. 

Instead, pick your favorites and create a perfect harmony between palette, wall arts, furniture, and accessories. The theme is very inspiring and attractive. 

It’s a great conversation starter, shows your true self, and looks very impressive. So, reconsider all your travel collections and spice up your living room.

Written by Alper Aydın

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