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Stay Fit While Traveling: Best Ways to Workout

stay fit while traveling

Keeping up your fitness while you travel can be difficult to prioritize. Trust me, I get it. When you are traveling, you drink more alcohol and/or eat food that is new to your body. Of course, the portions are somewhat larger as well. On vacations, it’s hard to get out of bed and stay physically active. But let me tell you, it is ALWAYS worth continuing your exercise! There are many fun ways to stay fit while traveling.

With exercise, you’ll have more energy to explore (or relax on the beach with a drink), and you’ll recover from that dreaded jet lag much quicker. Whether you’re traveling for work or a holiday, you DON’T have to lose all of that progress you’ve made in the gym.

stay fit while traveling

My #1 tip: The absolute best time to get some exercise done is in the morning before breakfast. This is when your motivation is strongest. Also, you’re more likely to get distracted or put it off if you wait. I’ve made a list of my favorite fitness equipment to pack along in our travels. We rarely travel with anything other than our backpacks, so these items have to be light and packed up nice and tight! Here are my top 4 favorite fitness equipment to stay fit while traveling, along with a bonus hotel workout at the very end. Enjoy!

My #1 Fav: Hip Bands!

Courtesy of Amazon 

stay fit while traveling

These easily add a little variety and keep that booty beach ready. I prefer the thicker bands over the thin rubber because they don’t bunch up as easily and last much longer. The exact brand I use with my clients is included in the EU link! 

US: Tribe Resistance Hip Bands

EU: 5 Billion Resistance Hip Bands

Jump Rope

Courtesy of Rogue Fitness

stay fit while traveling

My personal jump rope is customized from Rogue Fitness, but I purchased a basic one for my clients and it works great! The nice thing about a general rope is it is adjustable and can be used with most any height. The rope from Rogue Fitness is fixed, but they have a handy guide to help you know which size is best for you.

US: Rogue Speed Ropes

EU: Bemaxx Jump Rope

Resistance Bands

Courtesy of Amazon

resistance bands

These bad boys can be super effective in building muscle and barely weigh a thing! If you only have minimal space, just pack the medium band or whichever you plan on using the most. They also come with a door anchor, handles, and an ankle strap for plenty of variety.

US: Resistance Bands Set (Amazon)

EU: Resistance Band Set (Bol)

Travel Mat

Courtesy of Amazon

travel mat

Don’t want to hang out directly on the hotel carpet or in the grass outside? The Jade yoga mat has excellent reviews, is super thin and folds flat, yet is still durable! Bonus: This mat is environmentally friendly and they plant a tree for each purchase.

US: Jade Yoga Voyager Mat (Direct Website)

EU: Jade Yoga Voyager Mat (Amazon NL)

Bonus: Hotel Workout

You don’t have to worry about how you will stay fit while traveling, just follow my tips and try including this equipment in your travel luggage!

Written by Natalie Schafer

I moved to Amsterdam from Colorado with my husband in 2018. I spend all of my time traveling, planning travel, writing about travel, and teaching people to love exercise!

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