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Sustainable Travel Quiz

Sustainable Travel Trivi Quiz

Do you know what sustainable travel is? Take this sustainable travel quiz and learn how to stay green when you travel. Also, don’t forget to share your score in the comments below!

Hi! My name is Patrícia, a Portuguese girl in love with the world and an advocate of sustainable traveling! I always enjoyed traveling, but more recently I discovered that if we travel more consciously and sustainably we can all benefit from this amazing world!

And do not think sustainability is just regarding the environment! We can save the environment, people’ economic life, social problems and even cultural issues while travelling! Curious? Follow me on my Instagram to know more!

Through this quiz, you can see how much an impact a different way of traveling can have. So good luck and let’s begin our sustainable travel quiz!

Hope you enjoyed this quiz and that you learned something new! If you want to know more about sustainable traveling please feel free to visit my website. I hope we can all “Keep Travelling to the green!”

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Written by Patrícia Mano Ahmad

Hi, my name is Patrícia and I'm passionate about the world since I remember existing! I love to explore new places and connect with locals! Join me on my green journeys!

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