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The Best European Music Festivals

The Best European Music Festivals

What strange days, ha? We miss almost everything! Parties, travels, holidays, and of course MUSIC FESTIVALS. Oh, god! Drinking beers, jumping and dancing with people, and screaming meaningless… You cannot imagine how much money I can pay now for one of the best European music festivals. And here there are the best European music festivals which we must go to after Covid 19, absolutely.

Before we start, open this playlist on Spotify, and feel the festival soul tío!

Okay, if we are ready, Lets start what these are the best music festivals in Europe.

5. Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival

First of all, I want to say that finding a ticket for this festival is hard man! However, there is such a reality this is awesome. It is a large venue where the bassist throws her guitar, the soloist knocked over the amphitheater, visually it hosts a beautiful concert that can get 9 out of 10. Many legendary names such as Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, Diana Ross participated in this festival, which took place in England and cheered our ears.

4. Sziget Festival

the best European music festivals
Sziget, 2013

Do you know that this festival was started as a student festival? And now, it is one of the best music festivals in Europe. Why? Because it is an organization with different colored groups. Imagine, you are on the island with many people and enjoying your time by dancing, drinking and feeling the music!

It is in Budapest, Hungary and many famous musicians joined this festival? Who they are; Iggy Pop, Prince, Foo Fighters, Sia, Rihanna, Robbie Williams… are they enough?

3. Rock Werchter

rock wrechter
Rock Werchter, 2015

Belgium’s largest music festival is often the European music festival with the most impressive program. After seeing a Sunday of 92,000 people, words are no longer sufficient. What about performances? Oh Jesus! REM, Foo Fighters, Elvis Costello, Rammstein, Audioslave, and more dude! Wow!

2. Tomorrowland

the best European music festivals
Tomorrowland, 2018

Scenes designed like a masterpiece of art, mind-blowing performances, and the gathering of the best DJs in the world make Belgium’s Tomorrowland unforgettable. One of the largest and best EDM festivals in the world, attracting more than 1000 DJs and a lot of music fans from all over the world to the town of Boom, Belgium. I heard a lot, people are crazy about it. Let’s go!

1. Primavera Sound

the best European music festivals
Primavera Sound, 2017

Welcome to Barcelona; heaven to have a musical orgasm. This shit is the best European music festival I have ever been to! It brings together established and promising artists from all over the world in a futuristic urban setting of the Mediterranean. This festival has a different taste. Björk, Radiohead, The Pixies ve The Cure and more…

So, now we have ideas what are the best European music festivals must be gone after COVID-19, right? Enjoy the festival guys!

And before you go, check out European Music Culture Quiz and see how much you really know about it.

Written by Yunus Can

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