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The Best French Songs That You Can Feel In France

best French songs that you can feel in France

In a couple of days, you have a flight to France. Preparing a suitcase is a tiring and exciting period, right? Let`s turn it into a pre-party with the best French songs of all time. Before reading, click this Spotify list and then we start! Now, let’s keep on with the best French songs that you can feel in France!

We are listening France, imagining a trip with French music.

Édith Piaf

The Little Sparrow, Edith Piaf

At first, of course, Édith Piaf comes to mind! Oh, god! What a velvet voice… You are walking down the street, in Paris. Streets; narrow, long, and dark Paris streets. In the background, one of Piaf songs… O la la! What is more, Édith was born in front of a house, on the pavement. Yes, that is why we call her “The Waif Sparrow”.

Serge Gainsbourg

best French songs that you can feel in France
French singer, songwriter, pianist, film composer, poet, painter, screenwriter, writer, actor, and director

Keep walking.. End of the street, there you see a café, as usual. Let`s take a coffee break. Take your coffee with a croissant. What a taste! While enjoying coffee and croissant; Serge Gainsbourg is in the background. Funny but also with glaring lyrics and a charismatic voice.. He performed rock, pop, jazz, even funk. Huh, he was everything for French music!


L'imperatrice French Disco
L’imperatrice, new generation disco-funk sound group from Paris, France

Take your last sip of coffee, we are going to go to the Gardens of Versailles. Distance is a bit long, so put a song from L’imperatrice. They are one of the groups perform French disco-funk. Their sound gives you energy and a high vibe so. You can shake your body rhythmically, don’t be shy! Anyway, if you have a chance, catch their live performance.

Claude François

Claude Francois

Ups! Look, we are almost here. There it is Gardens of Versailles. What a view! The architectural perspective and park design are breath-taking. Sit near the pool and put music in your ear. What is next? Claude François. He was a pop singer, songwriter, composer, drummer, and more..  it is cool, Oui? 


best French songs
Yann Tiersen was the famous composer made the songs Amlie movie

After enjoying the view and the songs, let’s take a closer look at where Amélie was shot. The film is amazing. That time, it gave people one more reason to visit Paris, France. It is an idealized, sarcastic interpretation of modern Parisian life. As you guess, the next song comes from the Amélie soundtrack.


Cerrone - LPR
Cerrone is cult figure of new generation funk/disco/electronic musicians.

Are you hungry? Okay, we are going to one of the traditional French food restaurants for dinner. Order Confit de Canard (dish of duck) with a glass of amazing-red-vine. While the taste festival is in your mouth, at the same time Ibrahim Maalouf is flowing in the background. He is a fabulous French trumpet musician. Then, rising up and Cerrone comes. He is the king of electronic, disco, disco-funk music in the 70s and 80s in Europe. This song gives you the power for the night because `the night is still young! `.


French Electronic Music

We turned where we stay and took a shower. Tonight, we are going to go to the concert of Justice. They are the new generation of underground French electronic musicians. Some songs are coming before going out. Now, you are ready for the night, run to the concert hall and have fun!

It is the end of one French day we listened all day. `Listening to France` before you go. So, let`s have a look at the Spotify playlist for the best French songs of all time, prepared for you guys!

Don’t forget! Firstly, we are listening, then see it! 

What are your best French songs that you can feel in France? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Yunus Can

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