The Best Georgian Dishes You Should Try

Georgia is one of the countries that started wine production early in the world. The fertile valleys of the Caucasus have hosted grape cultivation and wine production for 8000 years. Due to the millennia of wine production and its leading economic role in Georgian history, wine in Georgia is considered to be intertwined and integral with national identity. Not only the wine but also many delicious dishes play an important role in Georgian culture.

Wine is linked to nearly every aspect of Georgian history and culture. Naturally, this wonderful wine culture is accompanied by a wonderful food culture in these fertile lands.

So, let’s have a look at the most famous dishes in the Georgian kitchen!


Georgian dishes

It is the most famous traditional Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread. The dish is so popular that each region has its own variety but the main ingredients are the same everywhere.


Georgian dishes

Vegetable purees such as beets, carrots, and spinach are served with lemon sauce and garlic. In Georgian cuisine, where animal products are used in abundance, this dish is a great option for vegetarians.


Georgian dishes

It is a dumpling-style pastry dish. There are options with cheese, minced meat, and vegetables. !Watch out for the coriander! 😊


It is a creamy chicken meal. Chicken, milk, and garlic sauce are traditionally combined together and baked in a traditional Georgian red clay baking dish. This delicious dish’s origin comes from the teeny tiny village of Shkmeri.


Georgian dishes

Lobio is another Georgian national dish. Ingredients are various kinds of prepared beans, containing coriander, walnuts, garlic, and onion. The most common version is Lobio nigvzit, a thick soup with red beans, onions, walnuts, and blue fenugreek.

Due to these unprecedented times, if you can’t have a chance to get a ticket to Georgia, my suggestion is to invite your friends and organize a Georgian feast at your house. Traveling is unfortunately not possible as much as it used to be for a while, but you can take pre-warming tours by bringing your destination to your home for now.

Bon appetit.

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