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The Best Hidden Beaches in Mexico

best hidden beaches in Mexico

Mexico is a magical country on its own with so many amazing spots to visit and so many magical beaches. Mexico is world-famous for its beach spots, being one of the favorite destinations for most beach lovers. In this article, I will tell you about some of the best-hidden beaches in Mexico that not too many people know about; beach spots that are natural wonders and pure magic. 

1. El Cuyo, Yucatan

© Photo by: Gabriela Farias. All Rights Reserved

One of the first hidden beaches in Mexico is El Cuyo. Located north of Yucatan State, and close to the Caribbean Sea, this small beach town is in between the sea and a freshwater lagoon. The beach is miles long, the sand is powdery white and the shades of blue in the sea resemble those of the Caribbean but with more calm waters. It is a pet-friendly place so in the early morning is common to see people walking their dogs along the beach. El Cuyo is also a popular place for Kite Surfing because of its good wind. The sunrise can be admired on the beachside and the sunset can be experienced on the lagoon side. It is still a small town so there are only around three beach hotels as well as some Airbnbs. This town is pure magic.

2. Sabancuy, Campeche

© Photo by: Gabriela Farias. All Rights Reserved

Campeche itself is a beautiful hidden State located in the Gulf of Mexico. At Campeche, you can find the town of Sabancuy which has white sandy beaches. When driving to this destination you can already start seeing these magical beach spots along the highway. At Sabancuy the sea is very calm, there are hardly any waves and the sea has a beautiful shade of blue. Also, the sunset is spectacular as the sun sets on the sea. Sabancuy is a very hidden spot, so hidden that there’s actually just one hotel that it’s right at the beach. This place features bungalows and cool sleeping tubes. To make things even more magical this beach hotel is pet friendly! 

3. Holbox, Quintana Roo

© Photo by: Gabriela Farias. All Rights Reserved

Holbox is a magical island located in between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The sand is soft and white; the sea is turquoise blue with other lighter shades of blue as well. At Holbox, there’s a beautiful sandbank called Punta Mosquito with wild flamingos close by. Also, If you go in the right season (June to August) you have a great chance to snorkel with the whale sharks which migrate through there. Another great thing about Holbox is that people move around the island walking, using golf carts, ATVs and bicycles. On this island, you can find many comfortable, boho-style, and relaxed beach hotels. Make sure you try its signature lobster pizza if you visit Holbox, yummy! 

4. Sayulita, Nayarit

© Photo by: Gabriela Farias. All Rights Reserved

Now I will move on to the Pacific Ocean. Here there is a magical hidden gem called Sayulita. One of the things I love most about this beach town is its super relaxed vibe. This a surfing beach town with a cool hippie vibe where the sand is a golden color and the waves are great to get started in the surf. Besides surf, wellness activities are a very popular thing in Sayulita. An excursion that is worth doing is the Marietas Islands tour. It’s an hour boat ride from Sayulita and when you arrive you have to literally jump into the sea and swim to reach the island and its hidden beach, To reach this beach you have to swim through a sea cave, how cool is that! If you are lucky you might even see dolphins and whales during the boat ride to the Marietas.

5. Mazunte, Oaxaca

© Photo by: Gabriela Farias. All Rights Reserved

Mazunte is a magical beach town located in Oaxaca, one of the most culturally rich states in Mexico. This town has a relaxed spirit and its oriented towards sustainable tourism. Mazunte is popular mainly for its surfing but also for its bohemian vibe and wellness activities. The beach has wide sandy areas and the sea has beautiful waves making Mazunte one of the best beaches for surf in Mexico. It is also a turtle nesting site where it’s possible to volunteer to release baby turtles and, if you are lucky, even watch the turtles arrive for nesting. If you wish to experience nudist beach culture, you can visit the next-door beach Zipolite.

Let us know the other hidden beaches in Mexico in the comments below!

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Written by Gabriela Farías

I'm a mexican girl who loves the ocean and loves to travel. Traveling and experiencing natural environments helps me with my gratefulness practice and it reminds me of being humble. We are all just a small dot on the planet, not to mention the universe, a planet we should cherish, protect, experience and love. My IG and my TikTok accounts are @gabrielaenjoyslife .

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