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The Best Museums in Athens Greece


Athens is one of the cradles of western civilization, as the foundation of the city dates back to 3400 years. You may still feel the blow for freedom wandering the streets of Athens. It offers many fascinating ancient sites to its visitors. Alongside, there are many diverse museums which I would qualify as the hidden gems of the city. If you’re interested to discover the ancient Greek lifestyle and the culture, these best museums in Athens Greece are just for you!

I’d highly recommend the visitors under 25 being aware of the discount of the museums listed below. Many of the museums have a reduced price (usually they ask for half price) from their young visitors. Additionally, If you consider visiting all and more of the museums listed below, you may buy a three-day special ticket package.

National Archeology Museum

National Archeology Museum, Best museums in Athens Greece
Best Museums in Athens Greece, National Archeology Museum

National Archeology Museum stands with all its glory like an ancient Greek temple. It was just the best museum I had visited in Athens. If you’d like the visit an authentic museum full of archeology and authenticity, It’s this one. The museum is huge and so elegant with its neoclassical exterior design. Besides, It displays pieces from all parts of the Greek world from the 6th millennium to today. The museum offers a collection of more than 11000 artifacts. So be ready to get tired of walking between the diverse exhibitions of the museum! The museum has a beautiful patio-café for a coffee break as well. It was a good experience relaxing by sipping a greek coffee surrounded by fragrant trees and history.

The museum is just 550 m away from the Victoria metro station. (m1 line)

Acropolis Museum

The Best Museums in Athens Greece

A massive modern and stunningly simple building with horizontal lines in the ancient Makrygianni neighborhood can’t be anything else but the Acropolis Museum. It’s one of the best museums in Athens Greece. So Acropolis Museum is a must-visit during your trip to Athens. The museum has a very avant-garde and smart design. It’s where intelligence, art, and history meet. The museum had amazed me as I walked on the glass to observe the excavations on processes, as I enjoy the great artifacts displayed with perfectly designed lighting, as I could view the Parthenon on the terrace of the museum. The diverse sculptures of gods and goddesses, kouros and kore (boys and girls) are welcoming visitors from all around the world.

Acropolis museum is located on the south of Acropolis hill. Due to its proximity, it could be wise to visit the museum and the ancient acropolis.

Byzantine And Christian Museum

Byzantine And Christian Museum, best museums in Athens Greece
Byzantine And Christian Museum

Visiting the Byzantine and Christian Museum was a unique experience. It showed me a totally different and more complete aspect of the Greek civilization. The museum brings together the pieces from the Coptic community of Egypt and the Roumi community of Istanbul. The clothes, the mosaics, the jewels as gaudy as a butterfly of the greek civilizations had fascinated me. The coins of Byzantine emperors and the artworks of Byzantine churches are a source of fascination to the visitors.

The museum is only 260 m away from the Euangelismos train station. (m3 line)

Numismatic Museum of Athens

Numismatic Museum of Athens, best museums in Athens Greece
The courtyard of the Numismatic Museum of Athens

If you have a coin collection and are a fan of ancient coins, welcome to the heart of the coins in the world. Numismatic Museum of Athens houses the world’s most ancient and modern collection of coins. The collection is displayed chronologically: exhibiting the coins from 14th century BC to today. The majority of the coin collections contain the Hellenistic, Byzantine, and Medieval period coins. However, the museum houses the coins of the Ottoman Empire, Western Europe, and the UK.

Nevertheless, I’d highly recommend you start your visit from Panepistimiou street. Get off at Panepistimio underground station. Arrive at Panepistimou street and go straight to right admiring the beauty of the National Library, University of Athens, the Academy of Athens, and arrive at the Numismatic Museum. Take pictures in front of each building. I assure you that they’ll be one of the most photogenic pictures that you’ll take in Athens.

Written by Lale Kilic

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