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Tbilisi Food Guide: The Best Restaurants in Tbilisi


You should definitely visit Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and the pearl of the Caucasus, to add a different dimension to your travel experiences so far. The sprouts growing in these fertile lands fed by the Kura River will give you a completely different taste. All the ingredients, herbs, and spices which are growing in these lands are natural. To be honest, on my trip to Tbilisi, the main highlight for me was the food. Surely, some of the best restaurants in the country are located in Tbilisi.

So where should you try these delicious tastes in Tbilisi? The best restaurants in Tbilisi that you must visit are as follows:

Café Littera

Café Littera offers an excellent garden behind the 120-year-old Georgia Writers House building. Even though the prices are slightly above normal, the experience is worth everything 😉 However, Cafe Littera is closed till Spring.

the best restaurants in Tbilisi
  • Address: 13 Ivane Machabeli Street, Tbilisi, 0105
  • Restaurant Type: Casual Dining
  • Recommended Dish: Calf tartare with Georgian Truffle
  • Instagram: cafelittera
  • Writer’s Rating: 5/5


Lolita is the reflection of modern Georgia. As long as you sit in this restaurant, which is preferred by many foreign tourists, you will feel as if you are transported from the Caucasus to Europe.

the best restaurants in Tbilisi

Shavi Lomi

Imagine a Georgian house with a huge garden, which is a little hard to find in the back streets of the new city. At first, you say we came wrong, but when you open the door, you are shocked by the wonderful ambiance that appears before you. The decoration of the house and the originality of the plates on which the food service is served, almost open the doors for another experiment in Shavi Lomi.

Sofia Melnikova’s Fantastic Douqan

It can be preferred for dinner in the summer and spring evenings. With its large garden and shabby seating arrangement under the vine leaves, you feel like a guest, not a customer in Sofia Melnikova’s Fantastic Douqan. The place is a bit hidden so it is useful to use the navigation, especially at nights.

the best restaurants in Tbilisi

Dadi Wine Bar and Shop

In this small and cozy place, you can taste the modernized dishes of traditional Tbilisi dishes accompanied by the wines they produce in their own vineyards. Dadi is located on a street, facing Freedom Square, the most significant point of the city.

the best restaurants in Tbilisi

Wine Gallery

In this magnificent place that is both a wine shop and a wine museum, you can taste dozens of different types of wine. The wine gallery is located on a side street in the new city side of Tbilisi. In terms of being a nice gift to your loved ones, you can get travel-sized gift wines from here.

If you are the one who travels specifically to experience local cuisine, Georgia is highly recommended. I hope all of these great places inspire you to learn more about Georgian cuisine and consider a trip to its extremely delicious capital. Also, keep in mind that Georgia is producing incredible wines at the lowest prices compared to other countries.

Have a plenty of fun in advance!

Let us know about the best restaurants in Tbilisi in the comments, so we can expand our list!

Written by Hale Bozkurt

Hale is an observer, open-minded and goal-oriented individual with exceptional brand & pr management skills. The reason why she hit the road is to explore how geography affects the people, religion, destiny, culture, economy, and food of a country.

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