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The Cube Houses Rotterdam

cube houses in Rotterdam

As an enthusiastic traveler, you have decided to take a trip to Holland, specifically Rotterdam, and looking for places to visit. The first thing you notice will probably be the yellow cubes in the city center. The Cube Houses in Rotterdam cannot be missed because of their unique design. Now, I believe, you are curious about these tilted houses and want to learn more about them. You can find details about the history of the houses, how to visit them, what is waiting for you there, and accommodation. So, before visiting these iconic elements of Rotterdam, Cube Houses, you can take a look at this guide!

Historical Background of The Cube Houses in Rotterdam

cube houses in Rotterdam

Rotterdam city was nearly ruined after the Second World War. After the war, the government tried to rebuild the city with the help of architects. The Cube Houses (Kubuswoningen) in Rotterdam are one of these attempts. They were built in 1984 by a Dutch architect, Piet Blom. The architect aimed to create an environment that resembles a forest up in the air. When you look at them as a whole, the pole of the building looks like the trunk whereas the cube is the crown of a tree. If you want to see how The Cube Houses were built, you can check the official website.

How to Get To The Cube Houses in Rotterdam

You do not need to worry about how to get to Cube Houses since it is in Rotterdam city center. Once you arrive at Blaak Station, which has tram, metro, and bus lines, you just need to look for the yellow cubes. The houses are located next to the city library and opposite the Markthall (Market Hall). You can check the places on the map.

cube house map

What Is Inside of The Cube Houses

If you are wondering what is inside the Cube Houses in Rotterdam, you can visit the small museum called Show Cube. They designed one of the Cube Houses as a museum for visitors, it looks like someone is living in it. Firstly, you need to climb a few stairs and enter the house. Surprise, more stairs here! It is so common for Dutch houses to have long and tight stairs before reaching the actual house.

cube houses in Rotterdam

In a regular Cube House, there are 3 floors and it is approximately 100 m². After buying your ticket on the first floor, you can start exploring the living room. It includes the kitchen and a toilet. The second floor has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a small hall. The bedrooms can be a little scary for people who do not like to stay in such small places. With its 18 windows and fascinating view of the city, to me, the third floor is the best part of the house. Imagine watching the rain in your bed with a glass roof above, it would be quite amazing.

Accommodation in The Cube Houses

If you are impressed with this weird yet creative architectural highlight, you may be seeking a way to spend a night in it. Well, there are two options: you can stay at the hostel or rent a cube. In order to find a suitable room for your stay, you can check the hostel’s website or simply book an Airbnb. The prices might be a little higher than a conventional house, but the experience is worth trying. Either way, Cube Houses in Rotterdam would be one of the strangest places that you could sleep in!

cube houses in Rotterdam

Tip: After visiting the Cube Houses, you can enjoy a drink or a meal in cafés located in Oude Haven (Old Harbour) with a pleasant view. Just walk down a few stairs after the museum and find yourself a seat!

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