The Escape Artists: Sydney and Davis Hansen

The Escape Artists

Davis and Sydney Hansen are a traveling couple who have a deep passion for the art of photography and videography. They inspire others by showing the beauty of the world through their content of their travels. And because they combined their passion for art and traveling, their name online goes as The Escape Artists. The journey of the Escape Artists started while sitting at a little cafe in the south of France. Now they are traveling the world with their camera to keep up their wanderers’ soul ignited!


NameSydney and Davis Hansen
Age29 & 31
Hobbies / InterestsTravel, Photography, Freediving
Number of Countries Visited? 33
Social Media AccountsInstagram/
How did you guys meet? Can you tell us the story of you becoming a couple as well?

We met while studying together at a university in Utah. Sydney was roommates with Davis’ younger sister at the time. Davis was studying opera performance and Sydney was studying chemical engineering. We met out dancing one night and it was a bit of love at first sight. One year later we were married.

How did you decide to travel the world together?

After graduating college, we dove into working life. Even though we earned enough to afford our lifestyle and as many trips as our 9 to 5 jobs would allow, we found ourselves still yearning to explore more. One summer day in 2014, we were sitting in the courtyard of a bed and breakfast in the south of France, dreaming together about what it would be like if one day we could live full time on the road. We didn’t know how we would do it, but we set our sights on that goal and built towards it for the next couple of years.

The Escape Artists
What are the best/worst sides of traveling as a couple?

Traveling as a couple means working as a couple in our case. The best side is being able to share these amazing experiences with the same person everywhere we go. We spent so many years working in separate jobs and only getting to spend a few hours a day together, so getting to spend all day every day building our dreams together feels too good to be true. The worst side of traveling as a couple is that since we are both so invested in the business it can be hard to turn off. We have to remind ourselves that just because we are working together all day doesn’t mean we are spending quality time together. We have to actively make time for this.

Is there any particular moment from your trips that you’ll always remember?

Wow, so many it’s hard to choose! For Davis, it was gorilla trekking in Uganda. For Sydney, it was sailing around the Komodo islands and seeing manta rays for the first time.

The Escape Artists
Sydney chasing for manta rays in Komodo Islands
Traveling as two people can be challenging from time to time. What would be your advice for other couples to travel in harmony as well?

Traveling is like a pressure cooker for a relationship! It will expose both strengths and weaknesses pretty quickly. So our advice would be to find a way to communicate as directly as possible. For us, we only say what we mean and mean what we say. So if there is a misunderstanding, we know we can get to the bottom of it quickly because we trust that our partner is communicating exactly how they are feeling. This helps us to move on and enjoy the rest of our day.

Do you see yourself doing this for the rest of your life? Do you have some plans for your future? For instance, would you consider writing a book about your story to inspire other couples who seek travel?

Not sure! Right now our focus is on seeing the world while strengthening our relationship with each other. We have no specific plans at this point, other than to savor the moment as much as we can. But who knows what the future might bring!

Gili Islands Indonesia
Gili Islands, Indonesia
How long have you been traveling together?

Been married 8 years, and found ourselves on the road at some point for every one of those 8 years

The first city you’ve ever visited as a couple:

Park City, UT

The destination you love going to the most as a couple:
The Escape Artists


The most romantic hotel/restaurant you’ve been to together:
Camaya Bali
Camaya Bali

Hotel: Camaya Bali,
Restaurant: Rosewood Mayakoba

The most romantic city for Valentine’s Day:


Your favourite beach destination:
The Escape Artists

Komodo Islands

Where’s next?

It’s looking like an island in the Caribbean later this month!

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