The Most Accessible Cities

We all love to travel and explore no matter in what conditions! But for some of us, it may need more special facilities to make it more comfortable. That’s why we gathered the most accessible cities around the world.

1. Singapore

This Asian city known as the city of the lion, has accessibility at the center of its infrastructures, from the transport systems like the MRT (mass rapid transport system) metro rail system of which 80% of stations having 2 barrier-free routes to navigate.

The gardens by the bay and the national museum have smooth paved surfaces and step-free and ramped entrances to the galleries of the museum. In general, most of Singapore is very accessible.

2. Chester, UK

This ancient city won the access awards in the year 2017. The transport system is very wheelchair friendly. Also, the famous wall has a hill slope that gently slopes on which you can move about and visit the cathedral.

The rows which are the unique walkways that are elevated have smooth surfaces. Hence, allowing the people with accessibility needs access to cafes and shops which have a step-free entrance.

3.  Las Vegas, USA

This city known as sin city and the entertainment capital of the world is filled with accessibility, from casinos to thrill rides, all have accessible ramps.

Moreover, Las Vegas has more accessible hotel rooms than any other city in the US. And, to get to the hotels, the transport options are all wheelchair friendly with wheelchair taxis available every 20 minutes.

4. Milan, Italy

Milan has improved over the years in terms of wheelchair friendliness. The public transport systems like the buses have been upgraded and the train stations having been renovated and equipped with elevators.

For wheelchair users, places like piazza del duomo are all accessible at the same time enabling them to see most of the tourist attractions in the city along the path.

5. Oslo, Norway

This Scandinavian city has most of its tourist attractions equipped with ramps enabling the tourists with special mobility needs. The transport systems are very wheelchair friendly with low curb buses with ramps and train stations with elevators and curbs to door height.

For visitors who like ancient architecture and history, they can visit the Viking museum and the royal palace, both of which are equipped with ramps.

For those who want a dose of nature, take a boat tour of the nation’s islands, these tours are operated with boats that are equipped with ramps and even have accessible toilets.

6. Sydney, Australia

This Australian city has many wheelchair accessible locations like the ferry ride to Manly Beach, along which you can see the iconic Sydney Opera House. And, once on the beach, you can get a wheelchair on loan free of cost.

The dining options are also wheelchair friendly. Many of them come with wheelchair-accessible restrooms when you need to refresh after a meal or drink.

7. Frankfurt, Germany

This German city is one of the most wheelchair-friendly cities of Europe, thanks to its barrier-free Frankfurt program which provides information to tourists on the accessible sights and locations in Frankfurt.

Try the one hour guided city tours which cover most of the city’s attractions offered by the tourism board. They will tailor it to be step-free for you and also give out discounted tickets to wheelchair tourists and their companions.

8. Jerusalem, Isreal

There is a common misconception that Jerusalem is not wheelchair friendly, but now it has changed. After a decade long working on the old city, the old city’s narrow alleyways and inclines have become wheelchair friendly enabling tourists with special mobility needs to visit historic sites like the western wall, temple mount, and many more.

9. Breda, Holland

This dutch city won the 2019 access city award. This ancient city is located in the southern part of Holland sharing a border with Belgium. Breda offers 300 restaurants, clubs, cafes of which the majority of them are wheelchair accessible and also are equipped with accessible restrooms.

The Bouvigne Castle is perfect for those who love nature or architecture. Its gardens have paved pathways and to enter the castle there are ramps available.

10. Lyon, France

In 2018 this French city won the European commission’s access city award. The city’s museums are equipped with mobility aids and other assistive facilities for many types of handicaps. The museum of fine arts, the museum of printing and graphic design are all worth having a tour of.

11. Barcelona, Spain

This Spanish city is regarded as one of the most accessible cities in Europe. Its buses for public transport are all equipped with ramps. All the museums have accessible entrances and provide accessible restrooms for the special needs people to use.

The gothic cathedral and the gothic quarter are all accessible. And, the cathedral can be accessed through requesting a ramp that is provided on the left side of the building.

The museum of chocolate is a must-see for any sweet tooth or chocolate lover. The museum can be accessed through an accessible side entranced that is on the Carrer Princesa.

12. Vancouver, Canada

Regarded as one of the most liveable cities in the world, this city situated on the western side of Canada has a wide range of the city’s attractions are accessible.

The science world, the Granville Island, and the H.R. MacMillan space center are all wheelchair accessible with ramps and paved walkways.

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