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The New Trend of Antalya: King’s Pool

King's Pool Antalya

Nowadays, one of the most popular things is swimming in waterfalls, canyons, or natural pools. The most renowned of these natural pools is the King’s Pool in Antalya’s Serik district. I’ve wanted to go for a long time, and I finally got going. This place is genuinely fascinating… I wanted to go and see whether the King’s Pool in Antalya is really as good as it seems in the photos. It really was. This small pool, located above the Uçansu Waterfalls, fascinated me with its visuality.

How to go to King’s Pool

When you open the navigation to go to the King’s Pool in Antalya, you will see a location. But the navigation gets you wrong on the final plateau. Despite all the things that I read, I listened to the navigator and got lost again. For that reason, I think you should write ‘Kozan Village’ as a location while using the navigation. Make it your priority to get there first.

As soon as you leave the village, you are on a dead-end, dirt road. After a while, the road split in half. If the navigation is on, it will take you from the left. Be careful; this is the wrong way. If you take this way, you’ll be on a pretty rough and bumpy road. There is no reception on the Internet and no signals on the phone, either. I noticed it when I was looking for someone to ask for the correct address and the road. Navigation pointed out that you’ve reached the location, but there is neither a trace of water nor a stream…

King's pool Antalya road

We turned right after a certain point. And the road goes to the King’s Pool began after passing through a few houses. Even if it’s scratchy and poor-quality, it has a signboard. Although the road is generally asphalt, the last 7-8 kilometers is a dirt road, and the standard vehicles must drive very cautiously. You have to walk after leaving your car. At this point, we put our sandals on our feet, thinking that we may soak into the water.

The road is not too difficult to walk; you can easily find the King’s Pool if you keep track of the red paint on the rocks. You walk for 1.5 km from the streamside after going partly through the paths and partly through the forest. There is no much of a slope; it is almost a straight road line. There is a place where you can fill water to drink on the way to the pool. Also, the countrywomen make and sell pancakes at this place. We kept going joyfully.

The beauty of King’s Pool

We understood from surrounding human voices that we were approaching the King’s Pool of Antalya. After I got inside the stream and walked for a bit, the magnificent King’s Pool appeared in front of me. The pool was small as it is and it was so crowded… We took pictures and idle around the stream for a while so that people can swim and enjoy. Then we jumped into the water, too. I loved the turquoise color, and it is also fantastic to have such a hidden place in the forest, even to know that it is at the very top of a waterfall.

King's Pool Antalya
King’s Pool

The pool is not very big. It is a slender, natural pond of several meters, and it goes on for a long distance. It goes over the top at some parts of the pool, and people jump those places if they want to jump. I would not recommend for non-swimmers to jump or get into the pool. After all, it is freshwater, and the space is too to jump. Deep parts of the pool have a depth of 4 meters, and the shallow ones are 1.5 meters.

The top of the ladder, which facilitates the exit from the water, is covered with lime and has a postcard-like appearance. The second place to take photos after the pool is definitely these stairs. Be careful about the stones and stairs because they are too slippery. The internet and the phone reception are troublesome on the spot where exactly the King’s Pool is. If you walk a little higher from the pool, there will be no problem with this situation. They put up signs everywhere around the pool. There is also garbage here, but not too much to actually bother people. Signs were erected to prevent garbage disposal from the pool and nearby.

People who want to camp can go to Uçansu Waterfalls…

Uçansu Waterfalls

Camping is banned here. Those who wanted to camp were doing it at Uçansu Waterfalls. I’ve seen pictures of the place, but I haven’t camped there myself. If you do not leave the pathway after the King’s Pool, you can also go to Uçansu Waterfalls. By the way, the King’s Pool is also accessible from the waterfalls, but you have to climb from there. In light of this information, you can choose the way you prefer. Please don’t forget that it is pretty crowded during the summer season.

I left this paradise with beautiful memories. I can surely say that you can add the King’s Pool to your must-see places list. You can have more information by visiting

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