Top 10 “Travel From Home” Videos on TikTok


The coronavirus lockdown is giving extra boredom to people during self-isolation. That’s why, people go wild and push the boundaries of creativity especially on TikTok! They pretend to be on the plane, on vacation, or even in a helicopter by using objects and material at home. This “Travel From Home” challenge on TikTok allows them to recreate the experience of travel. Here is your daily dose of travel inspiration during coronavirus self-isolation and the top “#travelfromhome” videos on TikTok!


Experts recommend sticking to your daily routine, even when working from home. #beis #travel #quarantine #fyp

♬ Crowd – Loud Airport Terminal Sound Effect – Hollywood Sound Effects

Не думала, что моя идея, которую я сняла в апреле, сможет стать настолько вирусной в ТикТоке! И да, теперь я с вами и здесь! На связи #natayakimvoyage

♬ оригинальный звук – natayakim

Summer 2020 be hitting different 😂 Not how I wanted to celebrate 1M but here we are! w/@lega_z_ #coronavirus #summer2020 #coronatime

♬ OTF – Autoerotique & Hunter Siegel

It’s my birthday week so I’m taking one last trip… YOLO! ✈️ #travel #plane #firstclass #yourrichmom #stayathome

♬ original sound – chrisellelim

Extra tickets just for you!

Finally, if you aren’t planning a vacation this summer, you can still travel the world from home with TikTok! In 2019, TikTok has started to be a partner with the tourism boards of countries. Also, they announced a global in-app travel campaign #TikTokTravel across 100 countries and regions to inspire TikTokers to share their best travel moments. Simply don’t forget to check #TikTokTravel for the best travel destinations and other top travel-related hashtags on TikTok.

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