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Top 20 Places to Visit in Iceland

best places to visit in iceland

Get ready to meet a country that is literally an Ice-Land! This place has a temperate climate because of the effect of the Gulf Stream’s warm water current. It is possible here to experience day and night for 24 hours in different seasons of the year. Can you guess where this place is where nature offers you these visual feasts? Here are the best places to visit in Iceland!

1. Blue Lagoon

places to visit in Iceland

This blue lagoon is a natural pool formed by the boiling waters coming from the underground. It is for sure one of the best places to visit in Iceland. The lagoon is named after its blue color. It is located 50 minutes away from Reykjavik and it’s waiting for you to visit it! Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa that locals visit regularly, and some doctors even recommend it for treatment. Additionally, there are not only locals but also people from all over the world that come to Iceland just to visit this place. The clay here is called silica and is said to be beneficial. It is better to visit this place (which has a very modern facility) in winter than in summer: It is very nice to be in a warm pool in the freezing weather, surrounded by snow and among the vapors. Don’t forget to make a reservation for the Blue Lagoon in advance and take your swimsuits with you!

2. Jokulsarlon

places to visit in Iceland

You can watch the giant pieces of ice coming from Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull, passing right in front of you and mixing into the ocean, and you can touch some of them when they hit the beach next to you. It is so fascinating to see them shining like a diamond on the very black beach, you may not be able to leave this place for a long time. So it would be useful to make your plans accordingly.

3. Geysir

places to visit in Iceland

Every 5 to 10 minutes, the water from the depths of the underground gushes towards the sky, up to approximately 75-100 meters. It’s like shooting upwards from an underground water gun. It is possible to find large and small geysers in different places in the region. The two biggest of these are Geysir and Strokkur. You can get the best visual show by watching these two.

4. Skogafoss

places to visit in Iceland

It is as straight as freshly blow-dried hair and so magnificent. This one is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Iceland compared to the many others and you have the opportunity to see it from up by taking the stairs right next to it. 

5. Reynisfjara Beach

places to visit in Iceland

Be sure to line up basalt rocks next to the pitch-black beach of Reynisfara Beach, as if stacking blocks, from places you’ve never seen before.

6. Studlagil Canyon

places to visit in Iceland

This canyon is one of the most beautiful basalt rock formations the world has to offer. Studlagil Canyon is one of the best places to visit in Iceland that you can especially see it in many Instrgammers posts! This magnificent place, where you can find huge rocks as if they were made by a sculptor, is one of the most visited places in Iceland recently.

7. Svartifoss

places to visit in Iceland

Another wonderful waterfall formed by the waters coming from the melting glaciers passing in front of the black basalt rocks and falling 20 meters down.

8. Kvernufoss

places to visit in Iceland

If you think that the previous waterfalls are not satisfying enough for you and want to see another waterfall that is known by fewer people, you should definitely visit the Kvernufoss Waterfall, just a short distance from Skogafoss. It is very difficult to reach this place but when you arrive, you will see that everything is worth it.

9. Fjadrargljufur Canyon

places to visit in Iceland

And now, presenting to you, one of the most beautiful places that will make you feel like you are in space: Fjadrargljufur Canyon. With its depth and magnificent panoramic view, it is waiting for you with a beauty that will make you dizzy.

10. Seljalandsfoss

places to visit in Iceland

Moving south, Seljalandsfoss Waterfall will greet you from far away saying, ‘’Welcome to the south!’’. The most beautiful part of this waterfall, which has a very fancy look from the front, is that you can pass behind it as well.

11. Kirkjufell

places to visit in Iceland

Make sure to include in your list Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall, one of the most popular spots in West Iceland, and the rising Kirkjufell Mountain behind it. Especially if you visit there during the period to see northern lights, Kirkjufell mountain will offer you a wonderful view.

12. Vatnajokull Ice Caves

places to visit in Iceland

You can find the glacial caves which are one of the rarest phenomena of nature, in the Vatnajokull glacier. This place reveals every shade of blue: You can wander inside the glacial caves and get away from reality for a short time.

13. Gulfoss


Formerly owned by a farmer, this place was decided to be a hydroelectric power station. However, the owner threatened to throw himself at the waterfall if it gets built. So they left it as it is. You can go to this waterfall, and it gives you the opportunity to watch it from different places. Don’t leave this place without taking a photo of the rainbow inside.

14. Krysuvik


Krysuvik, with steaming hot water, awaits you in the southwest of Reykjavik. This place feels like there’s a factory underground and it’s the chimneys that are smoking here. You can feel like you are in a pot cooking on the stove.

15. Kerid Crater Lake

Kerid Crater Lake

Another beauty offered by the Golden Circle Route is Kerid Crater Lake. You can walk around this volcanic crater lake and admire the contrast of the azure water with the red soil around it.

16. Hallgrimskirkja


Hallgrímskirkja church is among the first places to see Reykjavik with its different architecture. As it is the tallest structure in the city, it will catch your eye from everywhere. You can go to the top of this wonderful church and watch the unique Reykjavik view.

17. Dettifoss


It is the largest waterfall not only in Iceland but also in Europe. It is a visual feast, with 500 cubic meters of water flowing per second, 45 meters high and 100 meters wide.

18. Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park

When you are 1 hour away from Reykjavik, you’ll enter a very pleasant route called ‘’Golden Circle,’’ which offers more than one surprise on it. The first stop on Golden Circle will be Thingvellir National Park. This is a large place where two tectonic plates are separated by deep rifts. It has an important place in the history of the country. It is also very important for Icelanders, as the country’s first parliament was created where now the Icelandic flag stands in the park. You can visit the Park, historic ruins and its lovely church.

19. Dyrholaey


It’s time for Dyrhoaley, the only place where you can see the cute heron birds named Puffin living in Iceland. You can reach this hidden sanctuary by going out of the main road. That will allow you to witness puffins approaching their nests and flying fast with fish in their mouths. You can watch the magnificent view of the Reynisfjara coast consisting of the black sands and inhale the smell of the ocean carried by the wind at the same time.

20. Midlina


You can visit Midlina, where the European and American plateaus separate. It sure sounds very different indeed. And just like how it sounds, you can easily understand how different it is when you see it too. You can cross the bridge over the rift, go under the bridge, play with the black sand and enjoy the difference.

What are your best places to visit in Iceland? Let’s know in the comments below!

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