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Top Advantages of Couples Traveling Together

couple together in Arizona

Imagine you are stuck in a foreign, remote country because you missed your flight. Your phone is dead, and there are no flights remaining till the next day because of the storm coming in. You think to yourself, can anything else go wrong. BUT then! You realize that you are not alone, thankfully because your husband is sitting right next to you, thinking about what you guys can do next. Even though solo trips are fun, and you get to find yourself, traveling with your significant other, is so rewarding too! Here are some of the best reasons why couples should be traveling together.

Experiencing new things together

Couples Traveling Together

This cannot be more rewarding, especially when you get to share it with another person. Till this day, we keep talking about our night swim with Manta Rays in Hawaii! It was such an amazing activity we decided to do. And, since we did it together it was that much better.

Sharing passion for the same thing

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Kam and I started traveling together as a couple once we got married very young (we were 19 and 20, yes I know, VERY young). However, because we decided to be together, we decided to look for things that bring us joy that we can share. This is where we knew that learning about new cultures, finding hidden gems, and just the feeling of boarding a plane, is what was giving us the ultimate happiness.

Through good and bad always together

Couples Traveling Together

They say you always get to see the real “you” when put in a situation one does not want to be in. Oh, how can that be any more true! We have learned a LOT about one another, by being put in weird and uncomfortable situations. Can you imagine hiking on an incline for 5 hours, in the pure sun, 100 degrees out, while your husband keeps telling you that you are almost there? And, then you get to the end and there is nothing there! You should have seen my face. To find out we took the wrong trail, and the correct trail was only 30 minutes long! That’s when Kam learned that even though I can be mad at whatever it is, I will push through it, and I do not give up easily #girlpower.


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Once couples traveling together for a while, this is one thing you get to learn (sometimes the hard way). When you are single and you get to do whatever you want, you don’t have time to compromise. And, it’s the last thing you think about, because why would you? However, if you are in a new country together, and one person wants to go to a club and party, while the other wants to stay on the beach, it could get difficult to side with one another. Compromise is key; making sure both individuals are happy is important. Just like that one saying: Happy wife, happy life ?

Becoming a Team

Couples Traveling Together

It is especially important to stay true to yourself even when in a relationship. But, it is so rewarding when you start to become one team. You start to understand each other more, communicate better, learn the weaknesses and strengths. That is what helps to build a strong unity within a relationship. Every time we come back from our travels, we learn new things about each other and apply them to our everyday lives.

Be open, communicate, and learn from one another when you travel together. At first it can be hard and even overwhelming, but as long as you are on the same level, it can really turn into a beautiful thing!

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A couple that travels together stays together!
Cheers to love and travel, and happy Valentine’s Day to you all! 

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Written by Adri & Kam

a Polish couple who met and fell in love in Chicago. Every minute we are not working our full-time jobs, we spend either taking photos of our city or travel and spread the passion for what the world has to offer.

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