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Top Attractions in Gibraltar: Best Places to Visit

top attractions in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located in the south of Spain, only a minuscule 14 miles from Africa. We booked to go here as it’s the perfect place for some winter sun… and was just about the only place left on the planet that we could visit that didn’t have travel restrictions due to it technically being part of Britain! Gibraltar itself is very small, so unless you are venturing into Spain or Morocco, you only really need a few days to explore. We found that we were very satisfied that we’d seen pretty much all Gibraltar had to offer in just 3 days ‑ here are the top attractions that I think are definitely worth seeing!

Rock of Gibraltar

Rock of Gibraltar

How could I not start with the Rock? It takes up the majority of Gibraltar, and is pretty hard to miss! There are a few ways to get up the rock: walking, taxi, tour bus, or cable car. We opted for walking as we love hiking, the cable car apparently often has long queues, and we also wanted to reach the top of the rock before sunrise. The walk from the main town center took us just under an hour, and our 6.30 am start meant that we weren’t sweltering in the heat. I don’t know how we would have managed in the midday sun! Plus, for a while, we were able to see the national park without anyone else there. 

Mediterranean Steps

Mediterranean Steps

Once at the top of the rock, we decided to walk down the Mediterranean steps on the east side of the rock ‑ this is not a walk for those who suffer from vertigo or have fear of heights! It’s a very narrow path that zig‑zags steeply down the rock, with very few barriers. It’s a challenging walk and in all takes about 2 hours ‑ we actually walked halfway down, realized we still had so much left to go and the walk from the east side of the rock to our accommodation would have been very long, so turned around and walked back up. Although it’s a tough walk, I will say that it does give you incredible views of the sea!

Windsor Bridge

Windsor Bridge

For views of the west of Gibraltar, you can’t beat the Windsor Suspension Bridge ‑ a 71-meter walkway suspended over a 50-meter deep gorge! If you’re not good with heights do bear in mind that it does wobble as you walk across, and when we arrived, although we were the only people there, the bridge was crowded… with monkeys! Luckily the monkeys allowed us to cross, although one of them did try to sneakily unzip my camera bag!

Apes Den

top attractions in Gibraltar

The best part of our day on the rock for sure! We had reached Apes Den just as the sun had risen, and it was so peaceful walking up the long strip of steps with the monkeys (and their babies!) chilling out on the ledges. The ones here seemed very calm and didn’t mind us walking past, watching them, or taking photos ‑ but do watch out for the monkeys at the feeding station at the top; they know how to open bags! One ended up unzipping Connor’s backpack and stealing our blister plasters ‑ fortunately, it dropped it as soon as it realized it wasn’t food, but it was quite entertaining to watch. It’s an offense to feed the monkeys for this exact reason ‑ if you have food, they will be relentless in trying to get some from you!

Catalan Bay

top attractions in Gibraltar

As one of the top attractions in Gibraltar, Catalán Bay is located on the east side of Gibraltar, about a half an hour walk away from the main city although you are able to get the bus there if you don’t fancy the walk! Before I go onto talk about how much I liked Catalan Bay, I will mention that from afar, it does look beautiful with all the colored buildings and the rock overlooking it, but up close it looks tired, and like it needs some TLC… but don’t let this put you off!

It’s, in my opinion, Gibraltar’s best beach. We arrived at sunset, and it was pretty empty; the perfect quiet place to listen to the waves and watch the boats go past. If this beach gets particularly busy, the Eastern beach to the north is much bigger, and you’re able to enjoy the sun for a little longer as the rock doesn’t block it out as much! 

So, what do you think about the top attractions of Gibraltar? Which one is your favourite? Comment in the below!

Written by Ella

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