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Trakya University Erasmus Guide: Erasmus in Edirne

Trakya University

Trakya University is a public university based in Edirne, Turkey, founded on July 20, 1982. The University, in 1973, was just a medical faculty at first based on Edirne, as a part of İstanbul University Cerrahpaşa medical school, later expanded into 14 faculty, 5 institutes, 4 colleges, 10 vocational schools, 1 conservatory, 37 application and research center, and approximately 45 thousand students. Trakya University has taken the role of the regional university in the development of Turkey’s relations with the Balkans. The university has the mission of educating entrepreneurial individuals who adopt international scientific values, think analytically, have high self-confidence, and provide social benefits through scientific research and the services it produces.

Trakya University is distinguished not only with the scientific developments; but also with the cultural, artistic, and sporting achievements. In the Trakya region of Turkey, the university has taken meetings with the relevant institutions and organizations to investigate, inspect, propose solutions for environmental problems including mainly land, water, soil pollution. Additionally, Trakya University successfully completed the environmental design project plan for Ergene Basin and proposed it to the Ministry of Environment.

With the award of European Museum of the Year in 2004 given by the Council of Europe, the university plays an active role in terms of museology and as a representative of Turkey, also being one of three universities that made the selection of student representatives for the first time in Turkey. Student and research assistants elected through the research assistant and student representation system have the opportunity to communicate the ideas and wishes of students and research assistants in the Senate and boards of directors.

Who Are We?

Trakya University

ESN Trakya is the only ESN section established in Edirne in 2016. ESN Trakya is a student community that aims to help both local students and Erasmus students in all aspects and facilitate their lives by not forgetting to have fun together with social responsibility projects, especially in the adaptation of Erasmus students to Edirne and student life here. While having fun among ourselves, we also communicate with the other sections’ nearby provinces and have the opportunity to spend a more active decadence period by organizing parties and excursions with them.

For more information about what we do, visit our social media accounts!

Ideal Erasmus Term/General Weather Conditions of the City

Edirne, Trakya

You can experience four seasons in Edirne like in many cities in Turkey and both semesters are eligible for Erasmus. The average annual temperature is 13.5 degrees and the average annual rainfall is 600 mm, while the average 20 days per year is covered with snow. If you prefer to be an Erasmus student in the fall semester, you will be welcomed with our Welcome party in a beautiful autumn season at first, then you can benefit from social responsibility projects along with the events such as New Year’s Eve, Halloween party, you can literally enjoy the winter season fully. 

Or, if you prefer to be an Erasmus student in the spring semester, you can also enjoy Edirne with festivities and have daily trips in holiday areas near the city. Of course, during this semester, ESN Trakya continues to organize various trips, parties and carry out social responsibility projects.

The Location of the University

Our main campus is the Balkan campus and is located at the entrance of Edirne. In our main campus, where many cultural and artistic events are held, you can easily reach everything a student needs, from healthy food to fast food, including dormitories. The transport is quite easy with either bus or taxi from the city center as well.

Our other campuses are also located in the city center and are easily accessible by public transport or on foot. At the same time, you can reach all your needs, such as accommodation, entertainment, both on and outside the campus. 

Where To Accomadate?

If you want to stay in dormitories, there are 3 options; government dormitories, private dormitories, and apartments. You can also rent your own house close to campus where your faculty is located. (for example Ayşekadın, Karaağaç etc.)

In City Transportation

As the city is quite small, you can easily access many places on foot, and you can also use taxis without paying high prices. Apart from these, you can use ‘Etus’ (bus) for 3.5 TL as city transportation. You can get on these buses at a lower price with a bus card called Kent Kart. You can get this card from ETUS Public Relations Office with 1 photocopy of your ID or passport, 1 biometric photo, 1 photocopy of your residence, 1 student certificate, and 10 TL.

Cost of Living / Suggested Budget

Edirne, Trakya

Edirne is a student-friendly city. If you want to stay in dormitories, there are 3 options; government dormitories, private dormitories, and apartments. State Dormitory fees start from 250-350 and private dormitories and apartments have options up to 2000 TL. 2 meals in dormitories are included in the price. The price of meals in the dining hall of the university is 3 TL.

If you want to stay in your own home, the average monthly rent is around 1000 TL. Your monthly grocery food needs will be around 400 TL.

An average restaurant meal will cost around 30 TL.

Quick Facts About The City

Selimiye Mosque in Edirne

The world’s largest pan is in the Guinness Book of records in Edirne. Edirne also has second place in the world in terms of historical monuments.

There are summer-winter city festivals. In fact, one of these festivities is very similar to Halloween and there is a night called ‘Bocuk Gecesi’ belonging to Edirne. On this night, people of all ages spend a pleasant night on the streets in costumes.

As the city is located on the border, it is easy to reach other countries and the cultural interaction is very active. Accessing Istanbul, Turkey’s most populous city, is quite easy and it does not take much time to get there.

Quick Facts About The University

As the university is the biggest university in the Balkans, many students living abroad prefer Trakya University.

Because it is one of the oldest universities in Turkey, it is a highly preferred university by Turkish citizens as well. The campus is very active for most of the day and there are various activities in the area within the campus. As an example of these, we can also talk about football derbies and movie nights organized publicly.

Available Student Jobs

Most students’ livelihood is the profession of waitressing. It is the most sought-after professional group in cafes and restaurants located in most areas of the city. Students from abroad are also allowed to work in language courses also.

Warnings, Tips, and Tricks

Since Edirne is a very cold city in winter, we recommend that you take your gloves and thickest sweats J. Since there are many historical monuments, we recommend that you take your best camera and capture the best moments of the city.

To Sum Up

Edirne is a very welcoming and student-friendly city, so we recommend you to do your Erasmus here. It is a city where you can experience Erasmus very well, both with its historical texture and the opportunities it offers to students.

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