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Since we are approaching the beginning of winter and the coronavirus cases are increasing around the world, there are not so many different news about the travel world. The news of the discovery of the vaccine gave some hope to people and businesses. We saw that even many stock exchanges went upward. However, the biggest question about the vaccine is the capacity of production and the distribution of it to the world. And how equally will regions and countries get the vaccine? So, still, so many questions for the future of travel left unanswered. These last week’s news came from mostly travel and technology updates of different transportation modes. Not to keep you bored with repeating stories and news, I would like to dedicate this week’s news to technological news of the travel world.

The First Passenger Test of Virgin’s Hyperloop

Being a traveler or not, the idea of Hyperloop is a crazy one to see it alive in the world. It is the hottest topic of travel and technology today. Its speed capacity is beyond words to describe it. Last year, we prepared an Instagram post about it where you can read the details of its technical capabilities below.

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The Virgin’s hyperloop is owned by Richard Branson. The company made its first human travel test. Actually, in the test, the speed was 100 mph ( 160 kms/h) so it wasn’t that crazy speeds, but still, it was the first time to see the system working. Also, one of the important aspects of it how to stop the tube after such high speeds. For a well detailed further reading, you can check this link.

Zeabuz: Self-driving Electric Ferry

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When it comes to new technology solutions in today’s world, one of the most important aspects of it is sustainability. A newly emerged Norwegian start-up Zeabuz will launch a self-driving ferry, or water taxi, next year. The ferry will be an autonomous one thanks to the sensors that the vehicle has. While lowering the traffic jam in big cities, they have an emission-free mode in their ferries. Although Zeabuz will start in the cities of Norway, the company aims to help international partners with similar ferries in places like New York, Sydney, Istanbul, London, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong. This is the point where travel and technology can ease the impacts of climate change by more sustainable solutions.

Amtrak’s High Speed but Low Carbon Trains

The relationship between travel and technology should be planned with solutions for sustainability matters to save the earth. That is what Amtrak actually did recently. The company launched its new Acela fleet of high-speed trains that will reduce carbon consumption by nearly half. Moreover, the train speed will be around 160 miles per hour that are around 260 km/h. It seems an ideal solution for the future of travel while being able to offer something better and more efficient in a way that you also serve the world. The Acela line, which will start to operate between Boston and Washington DC in 2021. The train is also providing much access to people with disabilities among its many other internal options.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport Finally Opens

The airport takes attention with its modern interior design

Berlin’s new airport, coded as BER, started to work in the last weeks finally. The airport was called cursed by many people since the construction part took 10 years more than the actual schedule. Moreover, it exceeds its budget of over 4 billion euros. The new airport of Berlin resides in the Schönefeld region southeast of the city. The aim of the new airport to be the hub one as Frankfurt connecting more long-haul destinations. However, now the delayed project opened to many challenges and struggles since the aviation industry was the one hit the most by the pandemic. The fate of Berlin’s new airport is kind of the same as Istanbul’s new airport since both airports opened up with big investments but both hit by the pandemic.

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