24 August – 6 September, Travel News: Slow Travel And Coronavirus

slow travel and coronavirus

Oftentimes, we have mentioned that many new practices in the tourism industry after the coronavirus has reflected practices of slow travel. All in all, coronavirus gave the opportunity to people to stay in destinations longer that is what slow travel exactly suggests. By this month, we have seen that many travel sector players kept on producing new solutions to save their business for the coming months. While doing that of course they had to come up with offers that are in the safest ways possible in terms of the health of people. Many destinations and hotels declared to accept visitors for longer terms just what slow travel suggests.

Destination Updates For Slow Travel

Phuket Opens for Tourism

Thailand is one of the countries in the world combating with the coronavirus very strictly with New Zealand and Taiwan. Thailand is a country that is the economy is dependent on tourism. However, during the pandemic their strict border policies let the country achieve over 100 days without any local cases. After all these strong efforts to keep the country virus-free, Thailand is still acting cautiously.

However, the news from Thailand came for Phuket. Phuket will open for international tourism by the 1st of October. But, there will be many rules for visitors. Actually, this is why we mentioned about slow travel practices and coronavirus at the beginning of our news. Visitors who want to visit Phuket will be subjected to the quarantine on the arrival for 14 days and a couple of PCR tests to make sure the visitor doesn’t carry the virus. While the most important part is that a visitor will have to stay in Phuket a minimum of 30 days before leaving the country.

Anguilla – Work from Paradise for a Year

As we have also placed news about remote working opportunities, this winter’s travel trend may be working from another country during the year since many jobs are now letting their employees work from home. Actually, again this practice lets people practice slow travel philosophy during the coronavirus days.

Anguilla – The Britsih territory in the Caribbean Islands- is now taking online applications for visitors who would like to spend from three months to a year on Anguilla. A visitor who plans to stay on the island for a year has to pay $2000 that includes costs for testing, accommodations for the quarantine and etc. And if you would prefer to stay less than 3 months the cost will be $1000.

Hotels Are Changing Their Business Models

‘Hotel Office’ Working

As we already know, many travel-related industries got a big crisis due to the pandemic. One of them is obviously hotels. Hotels have to reach at least fifty percent of their capacity not to make a loss in their business. But during the pandemic, many hotels suffered around the world. And even many hotels preferred to close their hotels not to make more loss including the salary of their staff. That’s why now some hotels changed their business models.

While many hotels were not making any discounts for staying long-term in the past, this winter rules seem to change. Demand for longer-term stayings has been so strong that hotels had to consider and respond to it. Now some resorts even offer perks like private tutoring for kids and personally stocked in-room kitchenettes. And many hotels have already had a big increase in the duration of guests’ stay. And the new business model of hotels again actually lets people follow the mentality of slow travel by the long-term rents.

Being a Student from a Hotel

coronavirus lets people to stay longer in destinations that what slow travel exactly suggests
Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita in Mexico

Well, when we were talking about the new trend of home office works, the same situation will actually apply to many students around the world. A new offer came from the Four Seasons Punta Mita resort in Mexico for students who will not have to go to school. The hotel offers to families that kids can enter the class from the pool- or beachside study cabanas, get private lessons with a study buddy, or learn Spanish and local arts, crafts, and history. This could be the best semester to be a student!

The World’s First Floating Apple Store

The world’s first floating Apple Store will open in Singapore. This giant orb will take place in the famous Marina Bay Sands of Singapore. While it seems like a spacecraft during the daytime, the design is specially created for the nighttime of perfect Singapore night silhouette. It is the 512th retail shop of Apple around the world. It seems to be a new tourist attraction added to Singapore.

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