Travel Tips During The Corona Pandemic

Travel Tips During The Corona Pandemic

The travel sector has been blooming over decades, breaking records every consecutive year except for some crisis periods. While 2019 was a record holder for the travel industry, 2020 was expected to be another great year. However, the corona pandemic let down all expectations out of sudden. Although, traveling will not be that comfortable this summer, still most of us burning with the feeling of wanderlust. For those considering traveling this summer, there are some critical points to be careful. So, let’s take a look at some essential travel tips during the corona pandemic.

Checking Cancellation Policies Before Booking

I believe, this is one of the most critical points especially for our budgets. Before booking your transportation or accommodation, you must take a look at the refunding policies in case your travel doesn’t happen. During the corona pandemic period, we have many times seen that governments changed rules and restrictions at the last minute. So try to be sure that you can get your money back if you won’t be able to get the benefit of the service you are buying. For instance, Ryanair example was one of the refunding issues among European passengers that they couldn’t get their money back. Although now most airlines do not approach the cash refund to keep their balance sheets steady, many airlines as Qatar or Turkish Airlines offer customers to hold their tickets to use later.

Prefer Rentals Over Hotels

Actually, this topic could be a bit arguable. From a point of hygiene, reputable chain hotels may be more trustable with their standards. Still, having a working experience in the hotel sector, it’s really hard to keep up with good hygiene standards when you have hundreds of rooms. So, it’s a bit doubtable to say hotel rooms are clean enough. But my main motivation for stressing to choose an independent rental or an Airbnb flat is different. The point is that you can’t be quarantined by officials in such personal zones easily. Back in time, when officials spotted a coronavirus case in a hotel, they quarantined the whole hotel. So, you may suddenly find yourself in lockdown in your hotel room for 14 days, if any of your neighbor room tested positive. That’s why, preferring camps, caravans, or boutique flats would be private enough not be quarantined in abroad.

camping during corona time
Rather than staying in a hotel with many people, give a chance to camping with your friends or family this summer!

Travel Domestic Rather Than International

Approaching the topic in terms of the worst-case scenarios; if something goes wrong during your holiday about coronavirus issue, it may be really troublesome to be away from your country. Possibly, you may face some health insurance problems about being accepted to a hospital abroad or it may be simply very costly. Also, if somehow borders close, it would be again hard and costly to go back to your country by air. And, being stuck abroad would be really hard. The best to do is making some google search for the country that you plan to visit before you plan your trip. Surely, such touristic countries will be offering some rights to the tourists. So, just be well informed and aware of your rights. Meanwhile, some countries still may be very strict to the tourists.

van life
Exploring your country with your van could be a nice option to consider!

Use Your Own Transportation Options

If you own a private car or a van, that could be the best option to make a road trip this summer. Although HEPA filters are used in aircraft which makes the inside sterile as a surgery room, still protecting a social distance is not that easy in an aircraft. Even, airlines make it necessary for passengers to fly with a mask, it could lead to a pretty uncomfortable journey. When it comes to buses or trains, I believe it is really not the best idea. Also, going through stations or airports will make you have to face with crowded places.

Avoiding Crowded Places, Following Hygiene Rules, And Social Distancing

Reusable Cloth Face Mask Made in USA

Actually, this is the part we all know. From choosing our destinations to visit the places that we will be going through during our journey, we must try to avoid crowded places as much as possible. Especially, using public toilets, visiting markets, and gas stations should be the places where we have to be ultra-careful about the hygiene and social distancing. Having our sanitizers, face masks, and gloves with us should be our habit this summer.

Travel Tips During The Corona Pandemic
Having necessary cleaning products with you should be an essential.

As a conclusion, this summer may not be the best one ever. However, that could be a good opportunity for most of us to try something new. You may rent a van and choose a beautiful and isolated spot in nature to a sleepover. Or you can just go on a long road trip with your tent and camp. All in all, traveling is all about exploring the new and breaking your routine. You can just prepare an amazing breakfast for yourself in your balcony and you can watch your street as you never did before.

Travel Tips During The Corona Pandemic
Road trips are going to be very popular among youngsters this summer!

Hopefully, my travel tips during the corona pandemic may be helpful for you. If you need some motivation for your summer, you may also take a look at the journey of Travelinsighptedia during the corona pandemic.

I wish you all a safe and healthy summer!

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