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Turia Garden, Valencia: Let’s Turn The River

Turia Garden

Turia is a green heart of Valencia, beating through the city center with the vitalizing flow. Before it became a unique garden, it was a river and it was too dynamic for urban conditions. After the biggest flood in October of 1957, General Francisco Franco decided to stop destructive power and protect residents against further danger. Now, let’s look at where you can visit in the area of Turia Garden in Valencia!

South Plan

Turia Garden

Valencia needed a definite change in urban planning! Spanish Parlament approved the strategy to divert the river to the south part of the city, 3 km from the primary location. They completed the project successfully while gaining at the same time, special public space. Nowadays Gardens of Turia provides an extensive multisport area, nature, and cultural objects.

City of Arts and Science

City of Arts and Science in Turia

Discover space with a virtual trip in Planetarium, admire underwater life in Oceanarium, or experience live music in Opera House. City of Arts and Sciences is a futuristic architecture complex of Santiago Calatrava. Experimental interiors are covered with white structures,  located in the surroundings of palm trees and water pools. Definitely worth seeing also in night illumination.

Gulliver’s Park

Gulliver's Park in Turia

A piece of a famous story from ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, written by Jonathan Swift has its own space in Turia. Castaway giant sleeping on the sandy area by the gardens is a daily spot for the curious and amused children. He is almost 70 meters long, made of ramps, slides, and stairs composed in his body and clothes. The idea of Gulliver’s Park started from the project of architect Rafael Rivera. After that sculptor Manolo Martín and illustrator Sento Llobell continued the project. Both artists involved in sculpture workshops for the annual Falles Festival in Valencia.

So, have you ever been to Valencia and what do you think about the Turia Garden? Let us know in the comments below!

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