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Van Life Inspiration: Why Is Van Life so Popular?

van life inspiration

My name is Sara Cigarini and I’m a 27-year-old Italian girl. I lived in Adelaide, for almost 6 months. After that, I traveled with my converted van for 5 months all around Australia, covering 19.228 km across 5 states: South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and Northern Territory. So, I’m here for some van life inspiration for you to try this unique experience!

More and more people are starting to experience and appreciate this incredible lifestyle, living in a van all year round or using it as accommodation during an unforgettable trip on the road. This is a life choice inspired by profound concepts, such as pursuing one’s freedom and, above all, the desire to explore the world. But what are the reasons that drive so many people to try this out?

So, if you need some inspiration for van life, let’s start with the best parts of van life!

Home Is Where You Park It

Traveling by van means moving around and always taking your home with you. For this reason, it is necessary to be able to equip your motorhome adequately in order to make it functional and still have all your home comforts.

van life inspiration

No stress with for booking hotels and accommodations. I loved the possibility of living for the day, deciding where to go and where to spend the night day by day. Traveling by van offers the freedom to decide at the last minute how long to stay in a location without having to worry about reservations or cancellations. Living without time schedule and deadlines, the van life opens you up to an incredible sense of freedom.

Gaining Freedom

With the van, you are independent and you can afford to escape from the chaos and stress of the city, as you are not bound by the location of hotels or restaurants. You have the opportunity to discover wild, less crowded but full of life destinations.

cooking on camping

It allows you to travel slowly, enjoying the freedom and thinking of every place as a discovery. Discovering breath-taking views and also delving into places rich in local culture. The most incredible thing is to fall asleep every night with a different view: in the middle of a forest, lulled by the sound of the waves near the sea or at the foot of a mountain.

Living More With Less

drinking on a camp

You learn to live with what is strictly necessary, enjoying moments and not material things. Having a motor home, it is important to know how to choose the most important and indispensable things, leaving out the superfluous. You learn to live with little and to enjoy simplicity. Moreover, you learn not to take little things for granted and to love every simple pleasure, even a shower could be the thing you’ve never wanted more! You don’t have a lot, but you have enough!

Meet People and Cultures

van life inspiration

During the van life adventure, you come across many different people: solo travelers, couples looking for freedom, retired husbands and wives eager to collect memories, friends on holidays and so many more. Each of them would love the opportunity to share their adventures and give you advice about where it’s best to go, to stay, or to eat. Vanlifers are always extremely outgoing and generous. You could embrace different cultures learning every day something new and precious.

Limited Budget

van life inspiration

Living and traveling with your converted van also involves considerable savings compared to all those expenses that are imposed on us by a sedentary life: bills, rent, mortgage, and taxes. All you will have to worry about will be the maintenance and cleaning costs of your van.


Written by Sara Cigarini

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  1. I share every single word wrote in this guide. I felt these emotions on my skin and I can say that it’s been the most beautiful experience of my life!!! Amazing guide Sara ??

  2. I always think about having free time…but actually I need a little more “freedom” time and, as Sara wrote, this kind of experience could be the best way to get it. Maybe one day I’ll live a van life for a little and understand the deep meaning of “living more whit less” and Sara will be my freedom coach 🙂

  3. Wow Sara, what an amazing article! I’ve always thought about a van-trip in Portugal with my boyfriend, but I had some doubts and fears about that. Instead, reading about your experience made me change my mind!! I can’t wait to organize my trip and to sleep under a starry sky ?

  4. Thanks a lot Sara for sharing this amazing experience! I spent almost all my holidays as a child traveling around Europe on an RV with my family. Reading your article took me back to those beautiful and fulfilling memories. ? I’ll consider for sure a van-trip for my next vacation.

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