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Venice Travel Guide: Discover with a Local

venice travel guide

Canals, gondolas, and the Rialto Bridge. Venice, The Queen of the Mediterranean, is an island city in Northeast Italy. Venice can touch your soul and you can collect unforgettable memories during your visit. Discover all the secrets of the most beautiful city of Italy with my Venice travel guide!

Who am I?

Hi everyone! My name is Teresa, I am 26 and I grew up in a small town 10 minutes away from Venice. At 22 I decided to go abroad to make new experiences and now I am back living like a local in Venice.

I love to travel! let’s say it is my parent’s fault because since I was a child they brought me to visit cities and to discover the world. Now that I grow up I still love to travel with them but I also love to travel with my friends and also by myself. My style of travel depends on the destinations, luxury in the cheapest countries and the middle way in more expensive countries.

In travel with me, I cannot miss my camera. I am not a photographer because I did not do any intensive courses but I love capturing the moment with my camera to see it again later. Check out my Instagram account for more pictures!

This is my first time writing here and I am super excited to share with you my city, Venice in Italy.

1. Duration of Ideal Stay and Visiting Season

Venice quiz

It is difficult to determine how many days you should stay in Venice because you can stay 3 days and visit only the most tourist things or you can stay ten days and get lost in some beautiful corners less known by the tourists. Let’s say that one week is the right balance to have an idea of Venice.

In my opinion, the best season to visit Venice is between April and the beginning of June. This is because Venice is less crowded with tourists and also the weather is perfect to enjoy the city without sweating.

2. How to Get to Venice from the Airport?

We have two airports where you can land: Venice Airport and Treviso Airport.

  • To reach Venice from Venice Airport you have 3 options:
  1. Book a normal taxi (the average price is 40€) or a water taxi
  2. By bus with line 5 and it will take around 20 minutes.
  3. By ferry boat (Alilaguna Linea Blu)
  • From Treviso Airport to Venice you have 2 options:
  1. By bus (Treviso Airport Bus Express)
  2. Book a taxi (price around 76€)

3. Where to Accommodate in Venice?

Venice city center is expensive compared to other cities in Italy but there are some budget-friendly options just 10 minutes by train from Venice:

Hotels in Venice City Centre:

4. In City Transportation

Venice quiz

As you all probably know there aren’t cars or buses in Venice since is traveled by canals. I recommend visiting Venice on foot because you can see more local and unique things but if you want or for long distances you can take the ferryboat.

I suggest checking the official City of Venice Tourist and Travel Information Center for all the best deals for Venice, transportations and also attractions.

5. Suggested Budget

As I already said Venice is an expensive city so if you don’t want to miss anything and completely enjoy your stay you need from 100€ per day, in my opinion, but of course there are many ways to decrease this budget.

6. Things to See and Do in Venice

6.1 The Most Popular Things to See

San Marco Square

The top attraction of Venice is San Marco Square this is a must to see because you can also find the San Marco Tower and the amazing Cathedral. San Marco Cathedral is not only majestic from the outside but also inside and I highly recommend visiting it because you can find amazing mosaics and sculptures. While, from the San Marco tower, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Venice from 8 meters high.

Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sigh)

venice travel guide

The bridge was built in 1614 to connect two prisons. It’s called Bridge of Sighs because in the time of the Serenissima the prisoners, who passed it, sighed looking at Venice because they knew it would be the last time they saw the world.

Today, You can visit the prisons and the small cells ordered used in the past.

Rialto Bridge

venice travel guide
Rialto Bridge at night

The Rialto Bridge was built entirely of wood in 1250, was destroyed several times during its history and only in 1592 was it built of stone. The bridge takes its name from a nearby market and today is a fantastic place for shopping as there are two rows in the middle of it with many local shops and souvenirs; also the view of the canal is amazing.

Palazzo Ducale

In St Mark’s Square, we can also find a white palace with different styles called the Doge’s Palace. The palace was the Doge’s house. The Doge was, at the time of the Serenissima, the head of state and here is where he lived and also where the new Doge of Venice was elected. Today the palace is an extraordinary museum.

Jewish Ghetto

The Jewish Ghetto is a must to see because not only it is the oldest ghetto in all of Europe but also because you can still see the impositions that the Jewish had. It is a nice neighborhood that you can visit walking around better if you have a local guide that explains the best of this neighbourhood. You can also find here Jewish shops and restaurants.

Scala Contarini del Bovolo

Hidden gem of Venice and must-see Scala del Bovolo. We don’t have a lot of information about this place but it is known that this beautiful stair had been built to show the richness of the family Contarini since in the past families showed their nobility with palaces overlooking the Great Canal. Since this building does not have a canal nearby a huge detailed staircase was built.

Fish Market

Near the Rialto Bridge, there is a famous fish market and even if you do not want to buy anything you should stop. I recommend you make a stop in the morning to see the fishermen who sell their catch of the night and Venetians who buy it. The fish is so fresh you’ll still see it moving.

6.2 Shopping/Souvenirs

You will be spoilt for choice for souvenirs, very popular are small reproductions of gondolas and even gondolier hats. If you want something more special you can find objects made with Murano glass. The shops are scattered around the city.

There are no shopping malls in Venice but if you want to buy clothes there are plenty of shops from less expensive shops to famous brand shops especially close to St Mark’s Square.

I recommend a visit to the Fondaco dei Tedeschi a kind of Fayette in Paris. I also recommend it because it has a beautiful panoramic terrace where you can see Venice from another perspective.

6.3 Tours/Sightsee/Hop on &Hop off Tours/Walk Tours

Best tours in Venice:

  1. Boat tours. I recommend checking Alilaguna. They organize tours of Venice and the island of Venice by boat for an honest price.
  2. Walking tour. I suggest Venice Free Walking Tour. They do different types of tours and also private tours to discover Venice all by foot.

6.4 Special Events

venice travel guide
Venice Festival

The top event in Venice: Carnival. Every year the Carnival brings in Venice a lot of people; for all February and March we can find masks and events in San Marco square and all around the city.

Another important event is the historical regatta. It is a sport but also a historical re-enactment in the Grand Canal and it is the first Sunday of September.

If you are sporty you cannot miss the Venice Marathon. A marathon on and down the bridges that is held in the city of Venice usually on the fourth Sunday of October

7. What to eat/drink at where?

Because Venice is located in the lagoon to try is the fish. There are plenty of typical fish restaurants that you will be spoiled for choice. From spaghetti to clams, to fried fish to local fish fillets everything is delicious and to try. But if you want to be like a Venetian the most typical food is the “Cicchetti”. The children are slices of bread with, on top, typical fish or meat or even vegetarian products. On your visit to Venice, you can’t miss some Cicchetti with a glass of wine or a spritz. Other things to try are fried meatballs, or as we call it the mozzarella in the carriage (2 slices of bread with ham or fried anchovies).

8. Warnings, Tips and Tricks

  • Keep your personal stuff safe, since there are a lot of tourists there are also some pickpockets.
  • Don’t think that all Venice is expensive if you go to places not touristic the prices are cheaper and sometimes they are more typical.
  • Google Maps does not always work properly in Venice so I suggest paper maps.
  • If you want to be like a local at the bar, order the typical Venetian spritz that is made with Select.

I hope you like this travel guide of “be like a local in Venice”, leave a comment and follow me on Instagram for more photos. Also, don’t forget to check the Venice quiz to test your knowledge!

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