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Visit Komodo Island: The Home of Komodo Dragons

visit Komodo Island

There’s a reason Komodo Island, Indonesia has been included as one of the 7 wonders of nature. And in this Komodo Island travel guide, I’m about to tell you why you should visit Komodo Island to see the Komodo Dragons.

Komodo Dragons

komodo dragon

Although technically they’re not dragons, Komodo Dragons are the largest and heaviest lizard on earth weighing more than 300 pounds and spanning up to 10 feet long. Their scaly skin and muscular frame that comes with a huge whipping tail make them very comparable to dragons, hence the name. From the way they reproduce to the way they hunt and kill, these beasts are a fascination of nature. With only approximately 6000 left in the wild, Komodo Dragons are a must-see. You will see them when you visit Komodo Island. 

*Fun fact* Komodo dragons have venom glands in their jaw which cause paralysis, blood clotting, blood loss, and agonizing pain for their victim. Meaning, even if the dragon’s target escapes, it will not last very long. And the victim will be stalked by the dragon until it’s too weak to getaway. 

visit komodo island

What If I was to add the opportunity to cruise around some of the most breath-taking landscapes and sceneries you will ever see? Or the chance to snorkel or dive in one of the world’s best spots? These spots have some of the most captivating marine life. It includes turtles, manta rays, sharks, dolphins, and even whales if you’re lucky. If that’s not enough to convince you, how about some pink sand beaches to take your Instagram game to the next level? Or if hiking is more of your scene, a hike up to one of my favorite ever viewpoints, Padar Island.

How to Get to Komodo Island

The easiest way to travel to these islands is by flying to the local fishing town Labuan Bajo. Then you can arrange a tour pickup from there. You can do this in advance. Or, you can make it cheaper by booking one of the many tour operators found all around town. Top tip – Don’t be afraid to barter with them to get a cheaper price. I would recommend doing a stop-over at Bali, Lombok, or Jakarta. You will most likely have to fly from there anyway. Why not see more of what Indonesia has to offer while you’re here? 

visit komodo island

There’s also an alternative route via local buses and ferries from Bali or Lombok. But beware, although this option is cheaper, it’s a very long and uncomfortable journey. I would definitely not recommend it if you get seasick.

How Much Does the Komodo Island Tour Cost?

The price of this trip will depend on your budget and how long you want to spend there. I did a 6-day trip as a backpacker with a medium budget and spent no more than $500. This included getting there and back from Bali, accommodation while in Labuan Bajo, a 3-day tour. The tour can be shortened although I wouldn’t recommend it. It also includes food, and access to the National park to see the Dragons.

Tips for a Trip in Komodo Island

Be Safe

When you visit Komodo Island, please be safe and listen to advice from tour guides. Komodo dragons can be extremely dangerous so you must stay with your guide at all times. Women should avoid visiting while on their period as Komodo Dragons have a very sensitive smell. This could trigger an attack. You should also avoid making loud noises or staring into the dragon’s eyes. And definitely do not go to the toilet alone! Although this all sounds intimidating, as long as you follow the rules you’ll have nothing to worry about! 

visit komodo island
Padar Island, Komodo

Be respectful 

You should also be respectful towards the local people as you are a visiting guest at the end of the day. During my trip I witnessed tourists being irresponsible, leaving rubbish and not respecting the environment, please don’t be one of those! 

Have fun 

This is an incredible place filled with incredible people and wildlife. And I’m sure you will have an amazing time when you visit Komodo Island. Do your best to be present, try to embrace the experience and I’m sure it will be one you will never forget. 

Thanks for reading, if you would like to find more bucket list moments in Indonesia check out my blog. And don’t forget to leave your comments!

Written by Kyle Hammond

Travel enthusiast and photographer

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